Monday, November 16, 2009

Working in a dental office??

first i need to know how long does it take to become a administrative dental assistant, whats the pay? and if you are one do you like it? thanks

Working in a dental office??
By administrative dental assistant, I'm guessing you mean working at the front desk, as compared to a clinical assistant, who works with the dentist...

Admin duties would include scheduling/confirming appointments, insurance submission and follow-up, computer-literate (for offices that have dental software) and accounts receivable.

You can be trained OTJ for this position.... and after a while be eligible to become DANB certified in Dental Practice Management.

A knowledge of dental terminology is helpful, as is knowing charting and being able to understand the doctor's/clinical staff's handwriting! It's also good if you can 'read' xrays and know what tooth is where, for insurance purposes, as is charting.

Entry-level pay varies; it depends on your location, experience, time at the office, and how fast you learn. Most offices in this area give a 3-month performance review, and then a raise if applicable.

You're also worth more to the dentist if you're cross-trained, meaning you can do both admin and clinical duties...

~Hope this helped~
Reply:we don't have an administrative dental assistant at our office.

we have an office manager who also doubles as an assistant when something gets busy and also does front desk.

A second secretary, a hygienist, and 1 assistant, and two EFDAs.

My husband's office has 20 employees and not one administrative dental assistant.

salaries will depend on the area where you live.

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