Monday, November 16, 2009

Did my dental office treat me unfairly?

I changed dentist's because my previous one never did any follow-ups. My dentist was referred to me by my sister. I was a new patient with them and felt my time there was very unprofressional. My doctor looked at my teeth after my x-rays and said I needed a filling for one cavity and teeth cleaning. Not a deep tissue cleaning either. I had told him that my teeth bleed during brushing. He had the receptionist come and tell me what my cost would be. Now, my original doctor that I had 2 years ago did the same thing on me and charged me zero. I have really good insurance. And that doctor did a deep tissue cleaning on all 4 quadrants. The new office's receptionist comes in and tells me it will $305! I ask how is that possible when my other doctor did the same thing but more and I didn't pay a dime? She said she didn't know and that's what it'll be. She was standing holding a piece of paper bent and wouldn't sit down and show it to me either. She didn't give me a break down either.

Did my dental office treat me unfairly?
Yea, i think your dental office treated you unfairly and very poorly. They might not be unfair, they might be doing the same thing to other people. Call up your insurance agency or your dental insurance and ask them about your dental insurance. Or research online on what they cover. I have braces but because my father's income was high, i had to pay for my braces. If your families income is low, you would have have medicad that willl cover everything in your dental cost. Also, wait after 6 months and get a new dentist or call the insurance to help you out.
Reply:Ahhh, nothing is "free" in dental land (unless your old dentist was just a nice guy). Maybe you had dental insurance then, which may have covered your services. The only thing that I never have to pay for (and I DO have dental insurance) are the twice a year cleanings and once a year x-rays. Everything else costs!
Reply:You were treated unfairly. My husband has to have the deep tissue cleaning every 3 months. Like you, we have very good insurance. Our insurance pays for a cleaning every 6 months so on his every visit he has to pay $50.00 and that's it. I would call your insurance company to verify whether you should have paid out-of-pocket money for the procedure. This dentist should have given you some type of mouth wash for the bleeding of your gums. Once you get some of your questions answered, I would report him and find a new dentist.
Reply:You weren't treated very well at all. Did they ever ask you if you had a heart murmur? I think they should have explained things better to you and given you some advice about your gums - like change toothbrushes, use a special mouthwash or peroxide or something. They treated you like the procedure was free, not like you paid $300!
Reply:Were you treated unfairly? No, I don't think so. The doctor and staff probably treat everyone the same way. Could the doctor and staff improve their customer relations skills? Absolutely. There is clearly a breakdown in communications here. The doctor should be asking you questions and discuss your dental condition with you. He should ask you if you have any questions. Also, you are entitled to see a cost breakdown for the services. One dentist's fees have nothing to do with another dentist's fees. It's the same as any retail business. e.g. Some restaurants are more/less expensive than others. I think you should ask to speak with the doctor. Be mannerly, be calm, be questioning. You'll get farther. If you don't get anywhere with that approach, find another dentist.
Reply:When you get the deep cleaning (deep scale) you only have one side of your mouth done at a time (left top and bottom, or right top and bottom). Most insurances don't pay very well on this. Your other office probably didn't do a deep scale they probably just did a regular cleaning. I think they should have given you more time since it sounds like you were confused. You should be going back soon to have the other side of your mouth will cost the same price. Good luck!
Reply:They definitely should have explained things better to you. I am the office manager in a dental office and we never do deep cleanings before going over every detail of the procedure and the charges and payment policy of our office. If you have insurance they should pay 50 to 80 percent of the deep cleaning. You should check your insurance policy also. Some dentist participate with an insurance company which means your cost is very little to none and others don't which means your cost would be higher. The should have explained things more thoroughly to you.

Anyway, Yes maybe you should seek another dental office that is a little more people friendly.

Good luck!

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