Saturday, November 14, 2009

Where can i get an x-ray license in new jersey?I'm a foreign dentist and i need to work in a dental office.

i've applied in differents jobs but each dentist says that i need a dental x-ray to work with them.i need to know if i should take a course and where to take it.

Where can i get an x-ray license in new jersey?I'm a foreign dentist and i need to work in a dental office.
Go to the NJ DEP site and click on their links for accurate information. Here is the link to their page on Dental Radiologic Technology. Look near the bottom and you will see the requirements as well as another link to approved educational programs, in case you are in need of this preparation. I am familiar with our local program that was run over the course of one 13 week semester, but I don't even know if you need to complete a course to qualify for taking the exam. Read the web site thoroughly and/or contact the DEP for further information.

You only asked about getting the x-ray license, so I assume you are aware that you can not practice dentistry in any state in the USA without a licenes to practice dentistry. That requires certification by a US dental school to take the licensing examination. If you are interested in that and can not find references, please post an additional question on that topic.
Reply:I only added the additional information "just in case." A rather common question here seems to be about foreign dentists getting an American license and I was just anticipating a possible need. Good luck and contact me any time. - Sam Feinstein Report It

Reply:1st, get a license to pratice, you can't be certified and can't read x-rays. Dentist don't take x-rays, but they do read them. If you can't, some patient is about to get paid.
Reply:Im an xray tech myself and I went to a jr. college and it took me two years to be a tech. Go to the website to see how to become regitered in dental xray. ARRT stands for American Registery of Radiologic Technologist. I am a proud member and I worked hard for my xray license.
Reply:go to school of dentistry in the x-ray dept and apply you might be required to work for free but you will get the experience and be able to take the exam and pass and get a license. or try to find a dentist who can be a protege get him to sponsor you to go for your x-ray license.

can't you find a fellow paisan or somebody from your country.

i don't really know how you went thru the school of dentistry in your own country without learning how to take x-rays and be able to read them so you can treat the patients, you need x-rays to see problems not visible to the human eye.

Once you get your education over here , any dentist will allow you to work with them in their dental office.because you'll be familiar to how things are done here unlike your own country. a lot of nurses, lawyers, dentists or doctors who can not pass the boards here go back to schools here and pass them the second time around. And the chances of finding a job for which you are trained will be greater. it shouldn't take you a long time as you are already a dentist, maybe six month to a yr.all your school credits from your own country will be acknowledged if taken in a university.

after the course taken in the sch of dentistry or junior college you can get your x-ray license via an exam. I assume you already got a license to practice dentistry here.

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