Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dental Questions??? Please answer all or one.?

Dental school questions

1) Can you get a scholarship to dental school? I've been looking at tuition fees, and it is pretty pricy, but I've always wanted to be a dentist, or at least work in a dental office.

2) What exactly does a dental assistant do?

3) What exactly does a dental hygenist do?

4) What exactly does a dentist do?

5) I'm going to graduate high school in 2 years, and want to know what I should major in in order to be a dentist.

6) What do you do as far as practical dentistry in dental school?

7) What are some good dental schools?

Dental Questions in General

8) My friend wants to know how many cavities is over the limit because she gets like 7 or 8 every time she goes to the dentist and brushes 3-4 times daily, flosses 4 times daily, swishes with water after every meal, and sees her dentist for a cleaning every 6 months.

9) Are there any other dental hotline/websites besides 1-800-DENTIST? Because I know that dentists pay to be on that.

Thx a bunch!

Dental Questions??? Please answer all or one.?
Wow! you asked alot of questions....I have been a dental assistant, so I will answer that one. I went to a community college (in Nebraska). It was 1yr. program in Dental Assisting. It had all aspects of the dental office. I then took the exam and became a certified dental assistant, which most dentists prefer, altho I've worked in small offices where the dr. prefers to train his his own help. Basically, as an asssistant, you prepare the room with the instruments needed for the procedure, take x-rays, chart the patients information, assist the dr. on procedures, take impressions and pour them up in plaster, mix the materials needed for certain things, clean up, sterile instruments, and then there's always the front office work like billing, scheduling appointments etc. Depending on the size of the office and the number of staff, I've worked in offices where I also had to clean, vacuum, dust , etc... Just look at some of your community colleges in your area for dental assisting programs and most colleges have open house type things where you can go and see demonstrations and look at their ciriculum. One thing I remember about school was the anatomy %26amp; physiolgy class I had to take and wish I would have paid more atention in high school school science cuz that was my hardest course, so if dental college is what you are thinking , take as much science as you can cuz you'll have lots of that in dental college. I really enjoy dental assisting cuz I enjoy visiting and meeting people. Good Luck.

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