Saturday, November 14, 2009

Anyone in the dental field?

6. Where can dental instruments be sterilized?

A. In a darkroom

B. In an autoclave

C. Chairside

D. In an automatic developer

7. Who treats patients suffering from some type of tooth infection?

A. A periodontist

B. An endodontist

C. An orthodontist

D. A pedodontist

8. What technique did the Phoenicians develop for treating periodontal disease?

A. The use of dentures for cosmetic reasons

B. The use of amalgam for filling teeth

C. Splinting mobile teeth with gold arch wire

D. Trading knowledge with the Romans

9. What doctor is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of oral pathology?

A. An endodontist

B. A periodontist

C. A pedodontist

D. An oral surgeon

10. Where are auxiliary dental procedures such as the formation of dentures performed in a dental office?

A. In the operatory

B. In the laboratory

C. In the reception area

D. In the storage area

Anyone in the dental field?
B, B, C, D, B

....and I've said nothing.

Reply:6) B

7) B

8) C

9) D

10) B

That's what I reckon anyway.
Reply:6) B

7) b

8) c

9) d

10) b

why do you ask?

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