Monday, November 16, 2009

What is good to give people after a dental visit?

We just opened up a new dental office

What is good to give people after a dental visit?
If this is a "new dentist" and "new office" it is always a good idea to send out a letter or post card with a little background information on the dentist, his staff and the goals he has for his patients. You can even include a photo of each staff member, their position, and their background or training. This should also include directions, phone numbers, hours of operation and emergency phone number.

Also a "thank you" for visiting, or "welcome" to the practice with the same information and the days and hours the practice is open along with office phone numbers and emergency contact numbers.

The standard packet to include a toothbrush, tooth paste and floss along with a "magnet" with their next appointment date. If you use a magnet, most patients will put this on their refrigerator holding a drawing or something important and are reminded daily, not only of their next appointment, but also of their dentist and his staff.

Or you can use a small calendar with their next appointment date already marked with a sticker. This is a little more expensive and there is no promise that they will even use it, but it is a nice touch.

With this being a new office there are so many things that you can do, but cost may be a consideration so you may need to stay within a budget. A letter may be the least expensive way to express thanks from the practice to new patients. Never forget to take suggestions from your patients, they are what makes a practice work. Good luck with the new office!
Reply:toothpaste and toothbrush
Reply:icecream. i know youre supposed to be fixing and cleaning teeth but icecream is sooo good after dentsist appointments. in my opinion.
Reply:Pens, calendars, coolie cups, bottled water (with your label on it), coupons for local stores, a warm smile and see you soon!

Good luck, hope your business thrives!
Reply:sugar free candy,..and a fresh new toothbrush.(to promote dental hygeine.
Reply:My dentist gives free toothbrushes %26amp; toothpaste out after the first visit. (Colgate toothbrush %26amp; paste)
Reply:Toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss. Make sure they're good brands (like Crest), so people will actually use them!! =] Good luck on your business!!! Congrats!!!
Reply:Call Procter %26amp; Gamble Co. makers of "Crest" toothpaste and other products,they sometimes supply "Smile Kits" as promotional items for dental clinics etc. Good luck with your practice. SW RNP

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