Monday, November 16, 2009

Dental xrays and switching dentist?

I visited a new dentist for a second opinion. I decided to switch to this dentist but the doctor requested I have the last dental office send over the xrays from two years ago (which was the last time I went). I find it strange that the new doctor would want old xrays. The doctor said it was so that I would only need to take 4 instead of 6 xrays or something like that.

Is it to save my time from taking more xrays? Isn't two years kinda of old? Is the new doctor trying bill the insurance company for xrays not taken?

Dental xrays and switching dentist?
Also, adding to the previous answer from the dentist himself :)

If you had a full mouth series of x-rays taken within 2 years, your insurance (granted that it hasn't changed) may not pay for another set. The FMX is usually good for 3 years. The new dentist will probably take bitewings (4 films) and combined with the previous x-rays be able to see what he needs to. It sounds like a normal procedure to me!
Reply:You're probably due for new x-rays anyway, but x-rays from 2 years ago would be a good frame of reference for anything that may be going on now.

I'd say they aren't necessarily mandatory, but could be helpful to the new dentist.

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