Saturday, November 14, 2009

Being evicted... I currently live in a an apartment above a dental office?

today the dentist was fined and told that we must vacate the property, and until we do so she cannot open her offices. e have lived here for 4 years and this apartment has been rented for 20 years. The property was sold 2 years ago but the dentist only bought it for the rental income the apartment generates. Does this sound legal?

Being evicted... I currently live in a an apartment above a dental office?
Tough to say really. It really depends on what your lease agreement says and what the tenancy laws are in your area.

Both you and your landlord have certain rights. From what you wrote it doesnt sound like the dentist has the right to evict you because you apparently have not violated the terms of the lease (assuming you paid on time, etc.) But again, it depends on what is written in the lease.

In all honesty, it sounds like you need a lawyer. Don't futz around with this. If you want to stay and your landlord wants to go then get a lawer involved. Find a lawyer who deals in tenancy law in your area.

What the poster above wrote is correct but incomplete. I've lived in NYC and in London. In London, a landlord can terminate a lease for whatever reason so long as they give a certain amount of notice. The tenant has no recourse. On the other hand, in NYC it is next to impossible to evict someone who has not violated their lease. And even if they have violated it, it is still very tough to evict someone. That's why I said it very much depends on what the laws are in your area. Talk to a lawyer.
Reply:The owner of the property has the rights to the property thus also have the rights to evict anyone within reason. Depending on the leasing agreement, you may check if the owner needs to compensate you for evicting you.
Reply:I understand the dentist being asked to leave, but I don't understand how they can make you leave. If a landlord of a large complex gets arrested, the whole complex doesn't shut down, it goes to another owner. I would definitely speak with a lawyer asap. In fact, take off work tommorow and go, it's THAT important.

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