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I have an extreme case of dental phobia, is there any way they can remove a tooth while I'm asleep?

My dental phobia is very severe, and have not been in the dental office in very long because of the panic attacks it gives me. I have a very decayed tooth which must be removed asap, but I would need to be asleep before they start putting needles in my mouth, would this be a possible option? I heard before that I would then have to go to the hospital to get it done, can a doctor remove a tooth? (They tried before, and used a pain killer and the laughing gas, but I still had a panic attack and could not get it done. )

I have an extreme case of dental phobia, is there any way they can remove a tooth while I'm asleep?
Yes they can and will put you to sleep if you explain your fears. Dentists are more compassionate than the one in days of old. If you suffer panic attacks etc. they will accommodate you. Just remember, there is always a risk with anesthesia and they will try to talk you out of it, but if it scares you that much, they will put you to sleep. They did for my husband. You won't have to go to the hospital, they did my husband's right in the office. They won't use Nitrous oxide gas on you if it didn't work last time, You will have to see a dental surgeon in his office and just make sure someone will be able to take you home. I've been through all of this with my husband so I know this first hand. Good luck, Don't let anyone tease you about this. Phobias are real and the doctors know this. So, seek out an oral surgeon to do the job because and ordinary dentist is not licensed to give anesthesia. Good luck
Reply:you can go to the hospital and have your tooth removed there and they should be able to knock you out for the procedure. my girlfriend had this done, but for different reasons
Reply:You can be given gas which will knock you out, and by the time you wake up the procedure will have finished.

Talk to you dentist and tell him this is what you want done. Iwould imagine you will have to go the hospital to have the tooth removed, but it will be a dentist that sees to you.

Good luck
Reply:Absolutely they can. If your willing to pay for the anesthesia or if your insurance picks it up? They sure can. I'm the same way and had to be put to sleep while they removed my wisdom teeth. Call your dentist and explain your worries and let them put your mind at ease. That's what they are there for. If they tell you they can't and it only takes a minute to pull it? Move on to another dentist that will take your feelings in to consideration. They are out there. Don't give up. Good luck.... :o)
Reply:You can go to the hospital to get it done but it is very costly and can be ten times more than if were on local anesthetic and getting your tooth pulled out sitting on the chair.

My dentist explained to me that the extra fees are:

- hospital room

- his fees

- his travel fees

If you have insurance that cover both hospital and dental cover, then it shouldn't be a problem for you.
Reply:first things first. call your insurance! . There are limitations and guidelines with General Anesthesia. A lot of insurances will not cover it for one surgical extraction. also, Fear and Anxiety is usually not a covered expense either.

The insurance company will tell you that you will need to have a medical necessity...mental retardation,spastic disease, up to the age of 7 yrs old, or due to the extent of the procedure.

You should have it pre-approved or go forth with the procedure and then file an appeal.

As far as WHERE..a Dental surgeon can do this and they will have an anesthesiologist in the office or have one come. Contact your insurane for a listing or go on your carrier's website for the directory.

hope this helps.

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