Monday, November 16, 2009

Dental help here: RE: temp crowns?

i have a temporary crown in and it has dislodged a few three or four times. i went and bought fixers at local stores and they don't seem to work. the dental office doesn't open until monday and i'm worried that a: i might swallow it in my sleep, b: if i leave it open to air and don't worrow about the temp cap - crown - being on, then it might be painful or sensitive to liquids or air; c: some sort of infection will start to mosey on in; or d: i might cause more damage to the post if i keep messin around up in there trying to temp cement fix it. any advice would help. thanks.

Dental help here: RE: temp crowns?
A couple of things...

Try recementing it with toothpaste (dry out the crown first and dry the tooth)

Try recementing it with Fixodent (same thing dry the tooth and the crown first before applying)

Both will only keep the crown in very temporarily.

In most cases it is okay to go without out the temporary crown for a day or two, not long term. (eat/drink on the other side if possible)

If the tooth is sensitive and you just can't keep that temporary in place, call your dentist, he should understand and get you in over the weekend.
Reply:Since you said, "Post," I will venture a guess that this tooth has had a root canal treatment done. If this is true, you will not have any sensitivity at all if you leave the crown off. You are not at any risk for decay starting in the next 24-48 hours. Your dentist would be much happier if you just leave the temp off of your tooth and go in on Monday to have it recemented than if you try to put it back and end up swallowing it.

Just try not to chew there until the temp is back in place.

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