Saturday, November 14, 2009

Has anyone had dental work done through a Dental College ?

I need to get some dental work done - both regular hygenic maintenance %26amp; cosmetic - and have been considering going through a dental college. ( I live in California. )

Has anyone had their dental work done this way, and if yes,

- How did it differ from going to a regular dental office ?

- Was it a good or bad experience ?

- Were you satisfied with the end result(s) ?

Any input would be greatly appreciated !

Thank You and Best Wishes for the Holiday Season !!

Has anyone had dental work done through a Dental College ?
Yes! Univ. of TX Dental Branch.

Just so happens I knew one of the instructors and he fixed me up with a senior student. The instructor kept a close eye on his work to see that it was done correctly. I was very pleased and the student received good grades for his work on me.

One b-i-g draw back, you have to be able to spend a lot of time in the chair while the student does the work and then sometimes it takes a long time for the instructor to come around to approve the students work. If you can get in, it is well worth it because all you pay is for the material the student uses on you and that must be paid up front as he starts each procedure.

Time, time and more time it takes of your time.Be prepared to spend a good portion of your day at each appointment.
Reply:Yes, but my braces only got a C minus. Ouch. Get a GOOD student.
Reply:Get an experienced dentist. The colleges drags it out as an all day process .Although they are overseen by licensed dentists I wouldn't go to a learner,. It takes forever for them to finish with you.
Reply:I never have, but I know of an alternative if your looking for an affordable way to see the dentist.

Because dental insurance can be expensive I would recommend a discount dental plan. This plan has almost 70,000 dentists you can visit and it's pretty cheap and will help you visit the dentist more affordably. Any questions let me know, I know a ton of people who have used this plan and saved money and finally got the dental work they needed.
Reply:Yes, I have and they generally do a good job, because they're getting graded on it.

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