Monday, November 16, 2009

Does a dental office have to transfer records/xrays?

I recently went to a dentist and after getting an full exam I found out their prices are outrageous. Are they obigated to send my records and xrays to another office if I request them to?

Does a dental office have to transfer records/xrays?
As a general rule, yes. I work at a MD's office and we have requested xrays from dentists and they have sent them to us. Sign a consent with your new dentist and ask for the records to be transferred before your appointment so you don't have to come back for another visit.
Reply:Most dental offices are good about transferring xrays if they are recent. Once xrays are more than two years old the new dentist will usually take new ones himself.
Reply:Hi! Yes, they will send copies, but not the orginals. By law they must keep them for at lest 7 years. However, the copies are just as good and please check around as most dentists are pretty competitive, so what you think is outrageous is a matter of prespective. Check more carefully the next time.M
Reply:Yes! If you have paid for your visit and the xrays then they have to send your xrays to another office. They will not send you a copy of your chart unless you say that you want that as well but they will make a copy of your xrays and send them to you or to the office that you will be seeing. You can always have the other office call for your records so you don't have to deal with it. I have called for records from alot of different offices because the patient did not feel comfortable doing it themselves.

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