Monday, November 16, 2009

I have bad credit, how can i get dental finacing?

I have to have alot of work new to my dental office, just had a tooth removed that was cheap but what I need done is WAY TO MUCH!! is there anything out there that can help me pay for it?....thanks for your time.

I have bad credit, how can i get dental finacing?
You could put it on your credit card, and then pay for it over several months. Be sure to make the minimum payment to the credit card company, though
Reply:I would go to your bank, tell them your issue.....

I did once for my car problem when had bad credit...they helped me and took out $150 out of my check account for 8 months till paid off...
Reply:Many dental offices offer financing plans from companies. With 1-2 year no interest plans, however w/ bad credit approval is not as likely. Many of the companies will allow a co-signer w/ good credit also. Our office uses Care Credit some use Unicorn, etc.
Reply:That's what discount dental plans are here for.

A good selection below. Make sure you don't go for the

cheapest ones and that you have dentists in your

area that participate.

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