Saturday, November 14, 2009

Question about dental work.?

I got a partial and it looks terrible. I ended up breaking a tooth off and was sent to another dental office to get it fixed. The people at this office also told me it looks terrible and it would look much better if I got my canine tooth pulled even though most dentist dont like to pull this particular tooth. I told my dentist this is what I want after all whats another tooth since i already have the partial. he refuses to pull the tooth but assures me he will do the work until im happy with it even if i end up needing a completely new partial. my question is will i be charged again for another partial even though i expreseed my dislike. is he just trying to get more money out of me? any ideas on what i should do? I signed a contract with him so they wont let me switched dentist even though its the same practice plus ive used up all of my insurance with this. thanks for any input.

Question about dental work.?
It sounds like the Dentist wants to help you until you are satisfied. If the first Partial dosent fit right they will do what they can till it does. If not they should give you a new partial at no charge. One other thing was this an immediate partial or the permanant one. If it was the immediate they took a guess at how it would fit until the permanant one is made.
Reply:He should do it at no charge since it was just done. There is usually a reason they don't take out the canine. The partial can hook on to the canine a lot better with more support than the lateral. It might be too much for the lateral and eventually you might have to get it taken out. There is no harm in seeing what it looks like redone with pulling that other tooth. He probably sends them out to a lab and the lab did not do a good job. Talk to him and make sure it is at no fee. Then, it you still don't like it, get another opinion from a dental office. (that you haven't been to)
Reply:Get a new partial! Do I don't know how many teeth are on the partial, but, the canine is most likely the main tooth that the partial is hooked to aka. this is an important tooth for the partial. I don't think that you should have to pay for new anything! If you are not satisfied with the dentists' work, tell him or her how you feel about the work that was done. Good luck !

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