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I am an office manager of a dental office and ive worked here more then 13 yrs and ive been parking in the?

same space for 13yrs now i have this young lady working here for 2 yrs all of the sudden she startes parking in my space noone else paks there even if anyone beats me to the office they still leave my spot alone. so i expressed to her how i dont appreciate her in my spot and she still parked there again !!!! i feel ive earn that spot after being here so long 13 yrs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so then she went and told our boss i was mad at her and he told her to move her vehicle! she said ok and walked out and NEVER came back was i wrong for this or if it were me i would never have parked in my office managers spot i recognize my authority!TALK TO ME!!!!!!!! and what would you have done? was i being petty

I am an office manager of a dental office and ive worked here more then 13 yrs and ive been parking in the?
First, You're not being petty, but realistic. That is the way life is. Rank has it's privileges. Second, it starts with the parking spot, then moves on to something else. The parking spot stealing is not the problem but rather a symptom of some issues the young lady has with something or someone. Last, congratulations for having an employer that looks out for his long term employees. Your employer could of said work it out yourselves and then sat back and watched as the battle raged on.
Reply:i would have told her once, then a second time, then slashed her tires
Reply:one, i kind of agree with you, people should respect senority to a point, but two i find this hilarious. its a parking spot. if they arent assigned, then they are up for grabs.

and i agree with xxx, cause i'm mean like that... slash the tires. hahaha
Reply:No, i absoloutely don't think you were being petty. Sometimes as a person you become territorial, it's totally natural. If she wasn't mature enough to respect the situation, then it's better off you don't have to work with someone like that.
Reply:No, you weren't petty. When I was a server at a restaurant, a jealous girl quit one night because I got a better section.'s a pride issue.

Go out and celebrate - you don't have to work with her anymore!
Reply:Personally, I think you were being immature and petty. If the parking spot was not labeled or assigned, then it was not yours, merely a spot in the parking lot. I can't say I blame someone for not wanting to work for a supervisor who puts such emphasis on something so ridiculous as a parking space. Are you one of those managers who nit-picks the things that don't really make a difference, and completely ignores the things that should be getting addressed? I'd be willing to bet a week's pay that you are. "Respect my authority"? Please! I have had one too many managers like you.

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