Monday, November 16, 2009

Just had dental implants done on teeth 7/8 in May.?

Can anyone in the dental field help. I just had my implants teeth put in on teeth 7/8 in May. I had the surgery in January for the bone graft and finished the teeth in May. When the dentist put the teeth in, the next day I had pain all across my upper mouth, it hurt to the touch on the other teeth and hurt to bite on that side for about 2 weeks. Now, the area feels like my gums are still healing and pulling or something. Every now and then I get a pinch feeling and tooth #6 feels likes it's sensitive to hot/cold at times, but there's no pain in it. The gums hurt whenever I eat and the area on the implants are sensitive to food at times too. For a while, I was able to eat OK and bite into soft foods, but now the gums are sensitive. What is causing this and should I be concerned? Teeth 9/10 were implanted last year and I don't remember going through this. They had a bit of discomfort for a while but nothing like teeth 7/8. I feel like I live at the dental office anymore. Help.

Just had dental implants done on teeth 7/8 in May.?
It definitely sounds like you have trapped something that shouldn't be there. Something very small can cause a big problem. I bet your dentist can fix it very easily and you will be comfortable. He is going to have to check out #6 also. But I bet it is a result of the same little thing. Now that your contours are more normal it is harder to get something in the wrong place.
Reply:For what implants and bone grafting costs, I would call your DDS or surgeon that did the implants ASAP. I worked for an oral surgeon for 9 yrs and never had a patient experience anything like you are describing.

Good luck!!
Reply:Call and speak to the dentist office. Tell them of your complaint. They should redo you for free because you had already paid for what you had done, but it probably wasn't done right or needs to be redone. I work in an office similar to this and seen and talked to people who had problems like this and they came back and the doctor did it for free. I know it sucks to keep going back and fourth to the office, but if you don't get it fixed asap, the problem will persist and eventually get worst.
Reply:Call the dentist that did the implant surgery. By now you should not be experiencing any pain.

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