Saturday, November 14, 2009

Is dental assisting school hard at all?

I'm starting at a community college to become a dental assistant very soon and was wanting some more info. about it so i can be a little prepared. Is it hard at all? What are the classes like? Boring? Here's the website to where i'm going and what classes i will be taking:

Will i be working in a dental office at all? And if so, will i be with one of my classmates? When i am done with school, what happens? how long will it take for me to get a job as an assistant? Is it the same as applying for any job, go in and fill out applications, or does the college help me out and refer me to anyone??

Please give me as much info. as you can!!

Is dental assisting school hard at all?
no, its not too hard and the school lasts for only like a year or even less. You'll be fine dont worry =)
Reply:Hey Erica what dental assisting program did you to.I also live in Texas and I really want to get into a new career. Report It

Reply:i just finished my dental assisting class on saturday. the way the program i was in worked, was i took the class and did some hands on. i really liked it alot. after you have studied everything, you have to take your state board exam and if you pass you can become certified. it all depends on which state you live in. i live in texas and the way it works is you pass your test and you send in your registration info and you pay and you get your certificate. after that, you have to submit resumes, not applications to jobs that you are looking at. some schools help you find jobs but not many. when we did hands on, we worked on eachother, classmate to classmate. the hardest part of the class was radiology and jurisprudence for the state board, but the more you study it and use it, the easier it gets. theres a lot of vocabulary, but you will be using it everyday all day and it wont be hard to remember everthing. i had fun in my class and i was sad to say good bye to all my friends.

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