Thursday, November 12, 2009

I am finishing up my pre req for dental hygiene and i have been told that?

some girls i know are working at dental offices actually getting hired as a dental hygienist and doing all the things they do and haven't even went to school for it. Can someone help me out with this. That would be great to find a place like that and still continue my education..

I am finishing up my pre req for dental hygiene and i have been told that?
This is called Preceptorship. What exactly is preceptorship?

The word preceptorship comes from the word “preceptor,” which means teacher or instructor. But as it is used in relation to dental hygiene, it means to have a practicing dentist train a worker on the job to perform dental hygiene duties, instead of going through a two-to-four-year formal, accredited education program and national and regional examinations to obtain a license.

It depends on what state you live in, but some states have started allowing this to happen. I know of 2 states so far: Texas and Missouri. It amazes me what dentists will do in order to not have to pay a dental hygienist. It is unfair to our profession and a big slap in our face. Many of us went to school just as long or nearly as long as a dentist for a good paying career. I guarantee when hygienists are allowed to practice without a dentist in the office they will not like the competition and reduction of patient flow. It is legal in I believe 2 states. If dentists allow Preceptorship to pass statewide, we should have the option to work solo. When a patient experiences the difference between a HIGHLY trained professional cleaning their teeth and a dentist-trained professional, I KNOW who they'll book their cleaning appointments with.

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