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Employer Failed to start my dental plan but didn't fail to charge me am I entitled for a refund of the months

My husband was paying for 3 months for a dental plan, he was terminated on Jan 25th. I immediately made dental appts. for myself,husband and our children before the end of the month. I was totally Ticked when the dental office called me and said we don't have dental coverage. I called His employer and she said that's because he was fired and insurance ends that day! I said no we pay for a month in advance after some argueing I told her to call and activate our dental plan. We did get to use it and only had insurance according to the dental plan for 1 day. Are we entitled to a refund for the other weeks we paid and never had coverage? Any help is appreciated.Thanks, Sally

Employer Failed to start my dental plan but didn't fail to charge me am I entitled for a refund of the months
It depends how the policy was written, it the termination the last day of employment or the last day of the month following the date of termination. That would have been determined by the original application between the employer and the insurance company. That being said, some companies if the termination is the last day of employment have a rule that if the last day is before the 15th of the month, they don't charge you for the month, if the employees last day is after the 15th they charge you. As far as I know they don't prorate days.

So, you need to find out what the contract says and then figure out what period the premium covers that his former employer took from his check.
Reply:They need to refund your money. They took your money for service you never received. You may have to fight them though. Insurance companies are terrible to deal with.
Reply:I would be more concerned about why my husband lost his job...
Reply:Where I work, even if someone is fired, they have coverage until the end of the month they are fired. Every insurance plan is different though. Yes it sucks that he paid in advance, but maybe he shouldn't have gotten himself fired... right?
Reply:it depends on when they started taking out the insurance. most companies take out the insurance for a couple of week prior to the policy starting so that if the employee gets terminated they can immediately terminate the benefits, so that they aren't liable. you'll need to go back and ck dates and stuff, but i've never worked for a company where my dental or med benefits continued after the time i worked there.
Reply:Dental Plans

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