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What are the tools which are used in dental offices?

Please take a look at the website.

What are the tools which are used in dental offices?
Usually Biro's,pencils and computers.
Reply:Dental Pick and Carving Pick Set.

Mechanic Scriber,

Spatula Set ,

Dental Hook Set,

Dental Pick Set ,

Mini Inspection Mirror,

Tweezer Set,

Magnifier Tweezer Combo ,

drill(3500 rpm),

drill bit(diamond),


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How much do receptionst in medical or dental offices make?

Go to The pay varies depending on what area you live in.

How much do receptionst in medical or dental offices make?
$385.00 / week after taxes !
Reply:I worked in a doctor's office (family practice and walk-in clinic).

I got paid $8 per hour CAD.
Reply:Ours got paid 8.50 an hour.

I can't find the dental offices in the game Bioshock. Any good maps out there?

OMG it took me so long to find it too. there are no good maps that i know of but i wish i could exsplain it to you, i took me like a week to find it.

Looking for low cost dental offices in 94546 area?

The best bet for an overall low cost dental office in California

is the eHealthPlus network. Search by zip code.

Aren't there any dental offices that actually make the porcelain crowns right on the premises?

It sucks because you have to wait so long for the lab to make them, then if they aren't right they have to be sent back to the lab forcing you to wear temporaries for another two weeks. It is such a long process. I have to have my two front ones done and wearing temporaries for a month is torture, I've done it before.

Aren't there any dental offices that actually make the porcelain crowns right on the premises?
Yes, some dentists have the CEREC setup by Sirona. CEREC is a computer-controlled porcelain milling system that can cut a porcelain crown out of a block using a 3-D milling machine while you wait. (Takes about 20 minutes to mill a complete crown). A dentist would scan the tooth he shaved down to receive a crown using the CEREC scanner, and the CEREC system will try to digitize the tooth shape from the scan and mill a crown to fit.

This technology is still in its maturing stages though, and takes quite a bit of tweaking to get it to work right. I suspect in another decade or so it should be mature enough that more dentists would equip their practices with it.

For tech-head patients who wants to know how the CEREC system works:
Reply:about one in ten dentists has a cerec now. and that would probably also be the top ten percent in skilled dentists also. i can tell that was an older dentist that answered before. the technology produces a much higher quality crown at a faster speed. the older ways of making crowns is just about obsolete. in my office anyways.
Reply:Tom, does Cerec work out okay for central incisors? I had the impression that the shade was monoblock and not suitable for truly esthetic results. I'll check back...
Reply:i have two cerec's on our office and love them (they are quite easy to use-the cda's usually design the tooth), but we don't use them for front teeth. the blocks are monotone, but you can get graduated ones. we prefer our patients go to the lab for custom shades on anterior teeth.

i'm just wondering why your dentist is using a lab that takes a month. a week for a local lab or tops 10 days for the out of town one.

i guess we're just cooler up in canada -literally. :)

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By law do dental offices need to tell you that your insurance company has been dropped?

Dentists bill insurance as a courtesy to their patients. Unless they are under contract with an insurance carrier, they don't have to accept insurance at all.

Your insurance is between you, your employer, and the insurance company.

HOWEVER.....if a dentist has been accepting a certain insurance plan and decides to no longer do so, MOST will send out a letter informing patients of this. It's not required by law, but it is a common practice just to avoid confusion.

It is NOT in the dental office's best interests to mislead patients or to trick them into coming in when they have no insurance coverage. What reason would they have for doing so?

By law do dental offices need to tell you that your insurance company has been dropped?
Reply:I would think your insurance company would send a letter. or through your work. Now you have to call dentists to find out who accepts your plan.
Reply:No...YOU have the dental insurance. Your employer should tell you.

Is the question maybe that the dental office "use to be a provider" to your insurance, and now they aren't? If so, yes....they should have told you before starting any work.
Reply:No it is a courtesy that the dental office even bills your insurance company for you, ten years ago it was completely the patient's(insurance holder) responsibility. It would have been nice if the office gave you a heads up since they dropped the contract with the insurance company but it's not required by law.
Reply:No. In most cases they don't know unless a claim has been returned to them by the insurance company. It is the patient's responsibility to keep up with their insurance.

If insurance coverage has been dropped or denied, the financial responsibility is the patient's.

How long do dental offices need to keep paper records on site?

We have heard that after 7 years paper records can be disposed of. Wondering if this is true. Would like documentation to prove this also.

How long do dental offices need to keep paper records on site?

Reply:yes it is 7 years. unless the patient is still a minor then they have to be kept for 7 yrs after they turn 18. YOu can call you dental office and find out or go to

or your states dental board.
Reply:In most cases, 7 years is the minimum. Our liability carrier suggests 10 for paper and longer for x-rays.

Your own practice liability company would have the appropriate documentation.

When you do dispose of old records, it is a good idea to hire a paper shredding company to make sure no personal information is compromised. This is also true when taking an old computer out of service.

Why are dental offices SO slow?


Why are dental offices SO slow?
An excellent dentist is worth waiting for. If you go to a bad dentist who gets you in and out fast, you will spend much more time regretting it than you saved by not waiting.
Reply:Most dental offices are not slow. If yours is slow then it is either a really busy clinic or one that is poorly run.
Reply:I hate to wait so I get there right on time and they usually take me in very quickly. A doctors office on the other hand always seems to make me wait.
Reply:Perfection takes time whats your hurry.
Reply:They arent. So either have some patience or get a new dentist if you really feel they take so long.
Reply:From the answers presented, it seems to be only you

or your dental office? Can you be more specific what

you mean by SO slow?
Reply:Because there is so much paper work patient forms, consents, and so much more. People in any type of medical office work hard. It's not easy dealing with people all day that are in pain, so appreciate your dentist. It's not an easy thing and we do our best to take care of our patients!!!
Reply:SOME dental offices are slow because the doctor and staff have not learned how to manage their time very well. They have to know how long their procedures require and schedule accordingly.

Things don't always go according to plan or some patients may not show up on time and this throws a wrench in the works, but usually, I run on time. If I am more than 15 minutes late to see a patient, I will extend a "credit for waiting" on their account, to the tune of about a dollar a minute. We DO run on time.
Reply:I'm a dentist.

You'd be amazed at what gets done in a dental office. When you actually think about what takes place in a dental office, you'd come to see that we are not only slow, we are lightning fast! Yet, much of the time, we don't end up seeing patients exactly on time. 99.9% of the time it's not our fault. Allow me to explain.

When we schedule patients, we schedule them based on the amount of time it will take to perform the work they need. The vast majority of the time we are right.

For example, for a filling, we typically schedule patients for a 30-minute time slot. Ten minutes to seat the patient, give anesthesia, and allow them to get numb, 10 to 15 minutes to perform the filling, and another 5 minutes or so to prepare the room for the next patient.

Where things tend to deviate from the schedule is with anesthesia and the procedure itself.

Sometimes patients don't get numb on the first attempt.

Other times, patients refuse to keep their goddamned mouths open wide and their heads still. And, they repeatedly want to stop and suction every last drop of liquid out of their mouths during the procedure. Hence, they can easily turn a 10-minute filling into a 30-minute ordeal.

Who pays the price for this? You--the patient sitting in the waiting room.

So, who causes patients to wait so long to see the doctor? Other patients.

Sometimes, however, procedures get more complicated. Sometimes we find that a patients gingiva is bleeding profusely, and additional procedures have to be performed in order properly place the filling, etc. etc.

Our first goal is to provide you with proper health care. Our second goal is to see you promptly--it's good for business to see patients promptly. So you can be assured that we try our best to get you in ASAP. But some patients make it impossible for us to do so.

One other thing: sometimes patients ask us for favors like "can you do this filling today?" At other times, patients just walk-in with emergencies that need to be seen right away. A dental office is a miniature hospital and at times a miniature emergency room. Sometimes we have to triage patients, and the people in severe pain often times get seen first. You'd appreciate it if you ever found yourself in pain.
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Are dental offices usually open on saturday?

depends my dentist is open 7 days

Are dental offices usually open on saturday?
Some are, some aren't. Check with the individual dentist.
Reply:If it is a privately owned, probably not. The ones that are I guess you would call them chains usually are open. They may not be open all day though so call early.
Reply:Most offices are not usually open on Saturday. Some offices are open. It really depends where you are. I work in an office that is open 7 days a week, 5 evenings a week. We are open even on holiday weekends, so then we are very busy with emergencies from other offices.

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Any dental offices having problems getting anesthetic from their supplier?

We use Citanest Plain and we can't get it anywhere. I have called Patterson, Darby, Sullivan Schein, and no luck. I hear it is a problem from the factory, meeting supply and demand due to the European factory shutting down.

Where can I find some Citanest?

Any dental offices having problems getting anesthetic from their supplier?
We're having the same problem with Lidocaine. Try Goetze Dental; they're a local company I use and they're website inventory shows they have some instock.

Hope this helps!
Reply:Have you tried Sinclair?
Reply:Sorry we have experienced the same problem, so one of our docs finally switched brands.

Dental offices in lakewood, colorado that do braces?

how much do they charge per month?

Dental offices in lakewood, colorado that do braces?
It really depends on the payment plan you choose for your braces.

Most payment plans all around the U.S. can have you pay at the least $100 per month, mostly no less than that. Or you can choose to pay higher than that per month and reduce interest rates.
Reply:Consider contacting the Colorado Dental Association for an appropriate referral. They have a dentist directory.

Dental offices that accepts medicare medicaid insurance in mercer county?

Medicare does not cover dental treatment, unless it's medically necessary....

Call your caseworker or Social Services office... you can request a list of participating providers in your area from either of them..

Best of luck to you~

Dental offices that accepts medicare medicaid insurance in mercer county?
Your best bet is to call around to various dental offices and ask if they accept your insurance.

Dental offices that do extractions without insurance in Memphis, Tn, for cheap?

University of Tennessee School of Dentistry

875 Union · Memphis, Tennessee 38163

Dental offices that do extractions without insurance in Memphis, Tn, for cheap?
Hank the Handyman, plumbing, carpentry, dental extractions, we do house calls.

Reply:Check with colleges, OFTEN the students do it to learn how so the procedure is VERY cheap or free.


Do dental offices hire dental assistants if you are working on getting into the hygienists program?

Personally, I would tend not to hire someone who announced up front that they had very short-term plans in my office. Even if you have a trained, certified assistant, it still takes a good year or more to bring them up to speed with your way of doing things, your way of thinking, your sense of how the day should flow, aligning with your priorities, etc. If I was a huge office with a lot of turnover, maybe it would not be a problem to have someone as a "grunt" assistant for a few months, but I only have two clinical assistants and I plan on keeping them forever. It's just too disruptive any other way.

Do dental offices hire dental assistants if you are working on getting into the hygienists program?
yes some dentists train DA on hand.

Why aren't there any emergency dental offices open on the holidays?

I know it is horrible to want people to work during the holidays, but I am in pain.

Why I can go to an Emergency Room for health reasons, take my cat to the vet ER for cat issues, but remain out of luck for dental reasons because they are closed from two days before Christmas until two days after Christmas? Surely dentists are just as important and needed, but they take 5 days off for a holiday? (They only perscribed 3 days worth of pain killers.)

** I had a wisdom tooth and a molar removed on Thursday, and I am still in extreme pain and my face is swollen. I have followed every bit of the dentists’ instructions including ice packs, elevating my head when I sleep, salt water, antibiotics etc., but the only way I would be able to get any help would be to call a dentist at home. It shouldn't have to be that way.

P.S. Anyone know where to find clove oil? The assistant said it would help with pain, but no drug store has it.

Why aren't there any emergency dental offices open on the holidays?
You can use a regular emergency room for dental problems, especially if you only need enough pain medicine to get you through a day or two. If you have a serious emergency that requires attention, some hospitals have some dentists or oral surgeons on call and they can get them in to see you.

Otherwise, no dentist can work alone while treating patients so this means he/she would have to have at least one other person there with them and that person would have to be paid. Face it - NOBODY wants to go to the dentist on Christmas and the odds that you would get enough money to pay the staff person for hanging around are somewhere between slim and none.

Having said that, I will also suggest that you might be able to find your dentist through an answering service or even the phone book. I saw a patient last night (Saturday) who called me at home. She brought me a bag of sugar coated walnuts to say thank you. I'd rather sit at home with my wife and relax than sit in an office just waiting and wondering if the phone will ever ring. So would you.
Reply:I suppose there COULD be dental emergency rooms in major metropolitan areas. Perhaps there are. Some advertise "24 hour emergency care" in the Yellow Pages. Personally, I would PREFER to see my own patients of record outside of hours, if they are in pain, than have them go elsewhere. Report It

Reply:Go to the emergency room at a local hospital!
Reply:I'm a dentist.

I have news for you: your family dentist, like your family physician, does not exist to be available to you at your beckoned call. Like every other professional, we have working hours and non-working hours. Emergency rooms (and emergency vets), on the other hand, exist to handle emergencies. It's absolutely ridiculous to compare us with a hospital's emergency department!

Do not call the doctor at his home unless he gave you his number for the purpose of doing so. It is incredibly rude and profoundly disrespectful to him as a person. If he intended for patients to contact him outside of business hours, he would have provided you with a number to call. Most dentists have some sort of answering service to handle these things, where either the service itself or a dental assistant will handle the question.

Depending on how the wisdom tooth was extracted, pain and swelling can actualy increase for up to three to four days before it decreases. You're still within the range of normal.

Moreover, are you actually swollen? If I had a nickel for every time a patient claimed to be swollen when they had exceedingly mild or absolutely no swelling to speak of, I'd never have to pick up a drill ever again.

If you are truly (and significantly) swollen, and if the swelling continues to increase tomorrow, and if you're having difficulty opening your mouth and/or swallowing, then you should make a trip to the ER. You may be developing an infection. Although fairly rare after extractions, they certainly do occur--especially when there was an underlying infection prior to a surgical extraction.

If you're a smoker, you're also more likely to get dry-socket, which is significantly painful. Smokers, whether they follow the doctor's instructions or not, are more prone to dry-socket. Dry-socket is not a dental emergency. Neither is pain, in my book.

In general, more than two days post-op, you should not be putting ice on your face. Moist heat is appropriate (it dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow to the area which facilitates healing).

If your problem doesn't warrant a trip to the ER, you should bite the bullet and wait until Tuesday. By then, some dental office should be open.

In your defense, however, I will say this: there are a lot of doctors out there who are very miserly when it comes to prescribing pain pills. Your doctor seems to be one of them. You might bring up this point next time you see him. When I extract teeth, I always provide patients with at least 5 days-worth of Vicodin.

Some doctors are such ******* that they send adult patients home with three days of Tylenol #3. I prescribe Tylenol #3 for children.

I am looking to find a couple of dental offices in the city of charlotte,n.c to get a job as dental assistant?

im looking for orthodontic jobs in charlotte,n.c i am lookin to relocate to this city i was wondering if u can help me find a couple of offices in that area thanks

I am looking to find a couple of dental offices in the city of charlotte,n.c to get a job as dental assistant?
Look up offices through the yellowpagrs, and then call to see if they are hiring. Some, though, will not tell you over the ohone if they are hiring or, get their addresses and mail each and every one a resume giving details of your experience and such!
Reply:go to the government page..type it should lead you in the right direction

Do insurance companies only cover for the dental offices they assign you to?

Our dental insurance company is Benefits Insurance Unlimited or smething like that. It "assigned" us to SmileCare. They have an ortho there, but my mom wants me to get my braces done elsewhere my aunt reccommended. Will the dental insurance benefits only apply at the SmileCare they assigned us, or will it also apply at the other place we want to go to to get my braces done? Thanks.

Do insurance companies only cover for the dental offices they assign you to?
Oh, no, the benefits they state will ONLY apply to the SmileCare, or other in network provider.

There MIGHT be out of network benefits elsewhere, or there might be NO out of network benefits. But you can, at the very least, count on paying a lot more somewhere else.
Reply:You should call the local dentist that IS supported and ask if your insurance will include another local orthodonist.

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Antibacterial rinse used in dental offices?

while recieving dental work the antibacterial water rinse which is used by the dentist to rinse the patient

Antibacterial rinse used in dental offices?
We use Listerine
Reply:they also gargle listerine before you get your tongue pierced

Can a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC),owned by a non-doctor individual(s), manage and own dental offices?

1- Can an LLC entity, whose partnership members are non-doctors, own a medical/dental office and hire doctors to provide health services?

2- If the LLC is dissolved or the ownership of the practice changes, who will be responsible for continuation of patient care? - the treating doctor or the new owner?

3- Will the doctors be solely responsible for unfinished care/treatment to the patients in case the LLC dissolves or sells off its assets except patients?

Can a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC),owned by a non-doctor individual(s), manage and own dental offices?
It depends on the state but in Florida a doctors office can be owned by an LLC. The treating doctors would have to assume ownership voluntarily. And the LLC will be legally responsible for unfinished treatment that started under their ownership.

Looking for Dental offices located in Gainsville fla?

Live away from that area but need a listing of Dental office that accepts Fla Medicade there is only 1 big Dental Office Located there that accepts Medicade need location or phone number ty

Looking for Dental offices located in Gainsville fla?
Either google it or call 411.... or call the Florida Department of Social Services, they'll have the info you're looking for.

I want to know what this particular thing is and how dental offices work?

i went into the dental office recently and the dental assistant dropped something on the floor that was opened from an autoclave bag and then she put it on the counter into a peg hole along with other ones that looked similar to it. this item was shiny and about two inches long basically a rod, i couldn't tell if it had a sharp or blunt end. i did make a complaint to the dentist office thru email, but i'm not sure how offices work and if i made a bad call. do they typically leave dirty objects on the counter along with parts that look like it? do you think that these were drill bits?

I want to know what this particular thing is and how dental offices work?
No matter what it was, if it came out of an autoclave bag, it had been sterilized for a reason. Anything that touches the floor should never be placed on the counter along side other steril instruments. As well as any dirty instruments should not be left in an operatory during another procedure. Protocol is that she should have either left it and retrieved another for use, or picked it up and removed it, then re-washed her hands and re-gloved then opened another bag. You had every right to make a complaint and more patients should take notice as you have. Good for you!

Additional information: "No gloves" and she was handling sterile instrument bags and most likely the instruments too. What was the point of autoclaving then? For your sake I'm glad this was reported and maybe some good will come of it, if it reaches the right person. Make sure you pay attention when your there next time, or start asking questions and know what to expect for an answer. If your dentist can't clean it up, find one who can. Good luck!

Additional information: If these were an inch or two long, shiny metal, cylinder shaped items that she was placing into a peg board like block, they were dental burs that attach to the dental drill and are used to prep the teeth, these should be sterilized prior to use.
Reply:they put them on there so they know those need to be cleaned and sterilized, what did you think they used them on other people? there are board of health regulations and it is much cheaper on them to re-sterilize than pay a huge fine.

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I need to find the Sears dental offices in Illinois.?

Sears dental offices for denture work in Illinois

I need to find the Sears dental offices in Illinois.?

I'm sorry

Reply:Go to this website,enter your zip and you'll have your answer.

How many dental offices are in Indiana?

I am trying to find out how many dental offices are currently in Indiana

How many dental offices are in Indiana?
Try the phone book or 1- 800 dentist
Reply:do you seriously expect people to go out and count???
Reply:there r soooooooooo many offices of dental but it depends upon ur choice where to go

Any other dental offices uses to use Accubite?

I ordered from them at the last 2 offices I worked for. I heard it was pretty sorry what happened to that company. My sales rep there was a really sweet, funny lady. She ended up going to Darby Dental. I am just curious what other Accubite companies did when Patterson took over. Our office just stuck with Patterson, cause the Patterson rep has really sucked up to us.

Any other dental offices uses to use Accubite?
I followed my Sales Rep. from Accubite to Darby Dental because they were still going to offer us the great loyalty discounts that we used to get and they were always so nice to us. There are only a couple of items I order from Patterson now (only because I can't find them anywhere else).

**No Huskymom, we did not share the same rep., but it seems that Accubite only had nice folks working for them. I felt so bad for the way Patterson shut them down.**
Reply:You have asked a good question here. Regrettably you brought it to a location on the Internet where good people could unintentionally give you bad counsel, even as I have done, here on Yahoo Answers. Your question is more important than that and you should seek a more qualified assessment than you might find here.

There are some places on the Internet you can type keywords in to find web sites with a world of information that can help. Some are , , and just to name a few. There are other search engines on the Internet that are highly specialized in the kind of help you seek such as

Good luck in your endeavors and I hope you find the answers you seek.

Reply:Their all crooks!

vc .net