Saturday, November 14, 2009

I was a stay at home mom but worked as a dental assistant prior to my first pregancy..?

dental offices typically work a 4 day work week. my husband in order to get custody of the children, set me up with drugs. therefore, dismissing his 4 domestic violence charges against him, (stating i was no longer a creditable witness) and receiving custody of my babies ages 3 and 23 months. we settled the case in mediation, the guardian ad litem was recommending he get custody because of my arrest. i now have to take weekly drug test, pay for a supervising service to supervise my 3 hour weekly visitation with my children, drug counseling 2 x month for at least the next 3 years and pay him $970.00 child support a month!! i only made $16.00 hr (32 hr/wk) and she told me in mediation that "i didnt need just one job, i needed a part time job for fri and sat". I am a professional, Why should i have to work two jobs just to pay more child support? he lives with mom, no bills, and is a pipe foreman making $20/hr. Why? When i was the one abused %26amp; hes the one on meth? im in Cobb Co. Ga.

I was a stay at home mom but worked as a dental assistant prior to my first pregancy..?
you need to be working instead of playing on yahoo. Keep going to drug conseling.
Reply:Where is your lawyer in all of this??
Reply:The same would have been required of him, and is in fact, required of non-custodial fathers all the time.

Frankly, I don't believe a word of your story regarding the drugs.

But that aside, the fact is, you are facing what a lot of non-custodial fathers face every day. Are you saying it's unfair because you're a FEMALE?

That won't wash. Get another job.
Reply:Well, the only thing i can really recommend to you to get your life on track is to go to a 12 step program. Believe it or not all the money issues you are facing right now are not the real problem ..your denial of your drug problem is killing you.

No woman has her children taken away from her because she does NOT have a drug problem and no one "set you up" to take them.

Get sober..stay sober and it will solve all your problems.

I know because it happened for me!
Reply:My heart really goes out to you. But I was under the usumption that a persons child support payment is determined by what they make or bring home a month? A certain percentage so to speak! Like the last poster stated, where is your lawyer through all of this and if you need to get a new one, then I would.
Reply:these are questions for your attorney

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