Monday, November 16, 2009

What temporary bonding can be used for a dental bridge that came off.?

My husband's dental bridge came off and are out of state. He called his dental office and said to use TempCem which is a temporary cement. He can't find it in any drugstore. Tried denture adhesive and that doesn't stick very well. Everytime he eats his bridge comes off again.

What temporary bonding can be used for a dental bridge that came off.?
Let's not forget that perhaps some of the tooth under the bridge may have broken off and that is why the bridge came off. If this is the case no amount of temporary or even permanent dental cement will keep the bridge in place. Your husband needs to get into a dental office and have the bridge looked at.
Reply:Try a WalMart or another drug store. Temporary cement is the best thing for the job.
Reply:temp cement is best. dont use superglue!!!!!
Reply:Over-the-counter Temporary Cement will work the best, but remember, the inside of the bridge should be cleaned out as best as you can and the teeth should be as dry as possible. If it is too wet, then the cement will not hold well. I know that you have tried Denture Adhesive as well, you can even try toothpaste! Use the paste type not the gel type. If none of that works, see if you can be seen by a local dentist to have it temporarily recemented! As the person before me said, no matter what...Don't Resort To Superglue!

Hope this helps!

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