Monday, November 16, 2009

Emergancy Dental Care?

I now am sure i got a abcessed tooth now (Since last week atleast) i still have swelling no pain cause it moved form my tooth into my jaw its been swollen for a week and i called the dental office they say i have to wait til Monday to set up an emergancey appointment for tuesday its now saturday at 1:41am how can i get this delt with (i also have no insurance or money right now) i got this indigestion feelin right now can i be i serious trouble if i wait til tuesday like they said?

Emergancy Dental Care?
Go to an afterhours or weekend medical clinic, or the ER. They can give you antibiotics, which is what you need anyways. If you have an abcessed tooth, it would be doubtful they would be able to do any treatment on it, whether it be a rootcanal or extraction, anyways. The antibiotics need to be in your system for a few days first.
Reply:If you are feeling really bad, like there might be something wrong, go to the ER. I know you might feel stupid, but it's better than doing nothing.

I had a toothache a few weeks ago, and I couldn't eat or sleep, so I went to the ER and they gave me antibiotics and pain pills.
Reply:Contact your local dental society and request the names of dentists and surgeons that provide free, low cost and sliding scale fee services for patients. If you don't know, contact the American Dental Association. They will advise you how to contact your local society. Most states have a dental society. Many counties and cities have them as well. You may be able to locate this info on your search engine.

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