Monday, November 16, 2009

To become a dental assistant?

I have a background that has not be pardaned for yet, can i still work in a dental office?

To become a dental assistant?
In addition to the first answer, I want to also add that it will depend on what the 'background' issue is... if it's for any form of child abuse, or harm to another person, your chances may be slim... If it was for petty theft or the like, there may be a problem there, too... same with drugs.

Overall: No matter what, be upfront and honest at your interview... if you really want to work as a DA, a door will open for you somewhere.

Good luck to you.

Reply:Usually, yes if you can get someone to hire you. Although, when it comes to dental assistant license it depends on what the dental board says.
Reply:I'm currently a student in dental assisting. The school I'm going to does background checks and finger printing for every health care field. I know that in the state that I live in won't even allow you to take any of the boards if you have a bad background check. You may need to check with the state where you reside and see what the laws are there.

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