Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dental field question?

16. Who used arsenic as a treatment for toothaches?

A. The Chinese

B. The Greeks

C. The Egyptians

D. The Phoenicians

17. Which physician was noted for his research and description of the teeth's root systems?

A. Asclepius

B. Abulcasis

C. Scrapion

D. Celsus

18. A dental office's reception area should

A. be tastefully decorated and well lighted.

B. have loud music playing.

C. be dim and dreary to protect patients' eyes.

D. have only current dental periodicals to read.

19. Nitrous oxide gas is a form of

A. sterilization.

B. anesthesia.

C. denture preparation.

D. contamination.

20. Which dentist constructed his own x-ray machine?

A. C. Edmund Kells

B. G. V. Black

C. John Baker

D. Sir John Tomes

Dental field question?
19. is B anesthesia :D
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