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Some dental advice about whitening! PLEASE!?

So its a big deal the whole teeth whitening thing! And well im a big coffee drinker! and i smoke socially! And well they arent YELLOW YELLOW! they are just starting to look stained from all the starbucks. So please help me. i know everyone says "Crest whitening strips" but when i used it, it didnt whiten the bottom of my didnt completely work for me. So are there any secrets without having to pay 400 bucks at the dental office!

Some dental advice about whitening! PLEASE!?
Arm N' Hammer toothpaste. It has baking soda, very good for whitening teeth , and doesn't damage. ALSO. Cut down on the coffe, if you're looking for a fix of caffeine, then try Tea. Some tea's have loads more caffeine than coffee.
Reply:You should definitely try the whitining technic with the lights. The Dentist uses a light to whiten teeth and they become whiter after they do so. I've tried it before and it works! :)
Reply:go to a dental office and make bleaching trays and use those to hold your whitestrips in place and brush with hydrogen peroxide
Reply:Stains from coffee and smoking can usually be removed from a dental cleaning. Whittening agents are not designed to remove these types of stains as a general rule. They are designed to lighten the general color of the teeth. They work great for yellowing due to aging. If You have had a recent professional cleaning, try the tooth pastes designed for smokers, they have more abrasives.
Reply:I think your best bet would be to do the Zoom bleaching. You

can get really white teeth in one hr. And yes its true...crest strips dont work very well.
Reply:Well dint drink the tea tea will stain worse than coffee I can remove coffee stains easier than tea when I clean teeth here are some tips for you QVC has these pens called Brite Smile Love them you can you them anywhere anytime and they taste good just dint eat or drink anything for 1/2 hr after you do this if you really need to what I do all the time with all my drinks I drink everything through a straw so my teeth stay white I also use Listerine pre rinse swish for 1 min a its foamy and whitens nice too the nice thing with the pens you can use them when you want in the car click your pen and go my whole family is using them and get your teeth cleaned on a regular 6 month basis I go 3 months but I am in the field so the perks and I like the feeling of cleaned teeth so this should work Good Luck
Reply:I'm not too sure abt it. However, there are many ways to whiten your teeth.

Here are many ways that you can whitening your teeth!

For home remedies.

Mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to form toothpaste. Brush the teeth regularly with this paste. It will remove all stains in a month.

Use bicarbonate of soda 5 minutes before brushing the teeth with normal toothpaste in the morning. This is a good home remedy for teeth whitening.

Rubbing the bark of walnut tree on the teeth helps in removing all stains from the teeth.

Strawberries are considered natural teeth whiteners. Rubbing the teeth with strawberries daily will remove all the stains.

If you would like a suggestion on tooth whitening gel, here's something for you!

Crest Night Effects Whitening Gel (about $18.00) allows you to remove stains while you sleep. The tooth whitening system has a fresh, wintergreen flavor. After fourteen days of sleeping with this product on your teeth, you will wake up to a vibrant smile. You should see results in two days, although there are reports of tooth whitening results in one night

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