Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dental shadowing...?

I was wondering how I can get a shadowing experience at a dental office ( in NYC area ). Is there any online resource to find places available to pre-dental students? Thank You for help.

Dental shadowing...?
Another great place to do some shadowing is at a dental residency programs. There, you will have a chance to see dentists in action, but most of them will have recently graduated from dental school.

If you go on the ada website (, click on dental schools (under professionals), then advanced programs, and you can search by state for a list of the residency programs in NYC.
Reply:Usually, just call any dental office and ask.
Reply:In addition to the first answer, you may want to call your own dentist first if in the NYC area.... or ask your professors... they should know who welcomes dental students for shadowing.

Best of luck~

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