Saturday, November 14, 2009

Has anyone had dental implant surgery done on their top front teeth numbers 9/10 with one tooth being removed.

I had dental implant surgery on Wednesday of this week. Teeth 9/10, 9 was missing and 10 was removed. Could you share your pain and discomfort with me. I got very swollent on Wednesday night and Thursday. Now, I have discomfort right under my front tooth. I wore a dental flipper the first night. That's so uncomfortable too. My lip still feels stiff in this area. Is this normal? My periodontist who did the work only works at my dental office on Wednesday's. This Wednesday I get the stitches out. I also feel the discomfort whenever I eat and I've been eating soft foods that don't require chewing. I've been with no front teeth since last June and I'm worried something didn't go right with the implants if this discomfort shouldn't be there. I can't raise the lip much in this area yet. Wondering if all this is part of the pain and discomfort. If anyone can share their thoughts with dental implants and the paint and stiffness that goes with it, I'd appreciate it alot. THANK YOU.

Has anyone had dental implant surgery done on their top front teeth numbers 9/10 with one tooth being removed.
i have had a dental implant on my #8. i also had my wisdom teeth pulled at the same time. it was painful. the pain is expected for every surgury. i think the swelling is normal. it will go down as time goes on. make sure you keep the implant very very very clean because if you dont have it clean the implant will not work properly and you will waste all that money you spent on it. the implant heals fully for about 6 months. see the doc if you have any problems.
Reply:Yes, good advice. I had my very front teeth pulled and implants put in. Your dentist might have given you penicillin and an anti-bacterial mouth wash - they should be used to prevent infection. Otherwise, expect pain, but it will subside. Report It

Reply:I think your discomfort is to be expected. The bone graft alone is quite invasive. Remember your implant surgery required drilling a hole in your BONE and placing a screw (bascially) in there. You will be sore and swollen, stiff and sore. Just remember how wonderful the end result will be. I would assume the flipper is not fitting you well due to the swelling from the surgery. Ice packs and Advil are your friend. I recommend you see the doctor who did your surgery asap just to make sure, if you are worried, it is their job to follow up with you and put your mind at ease. The swelling should be going down not getting worse at this point. You could always call your regular dentist and ask them to look if you dont want to wait until wednesday.

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