Monday, November 16, 2009

Any Free or Cheap Dental Care?

i've heard that these training schools have people come in to get some practice. i have a low income and cant afford to go to an actual dental office. the prices are just too high for me to afford and i heard that they charge either free or reduced dental work. we are IN PHILADELPHIA,PA. area. please helpme :(

Any Free or Cheap Dental Care?
hey i am also from philadephia and am also looking for free or cheap dental care! if u know please please pleasssse message me!

i looked around and heard from people that Temple Univerisyt school of dentistry has students fix your teeth for cheap. also i found that ccp does it too. here is some info i have not tried yet but i will call tomorrow.

The dental clinic is located on the Main Campus at 1700 Spring Garden Street. Hours, by appointment, vary during the week. Call 215-751-8626 for more information.

if you search temple dental patient information you can find more info or call (215) 707-2938.

i hope that helps and if it works out for you let me know !
Reply:Your local dentists should have that info they'd be willing to share with you, even though you're not giving them your business. They all want people to have healthy teeth %26amp; happy smiles. :D
Reply:I'm not from phily but where I'm from yes u need to get ahold of collages or schools in your area and the can tell you of any programs..
Reply:call 1-800-929-8344 Ref #246314 they will coer you for your cosmetics and fillings and dental procedures.when ou enrolled ask for free cellphone and free minutes.

good luck
Reply:Contact the American Dental Association and inquire about the dental society in your area. They will provide you with a listing of dentists that provide free and sliding scale services. I am sure that dental schools will be on that list as well.

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