Monday, November 16, 2009

Does anyone who is a dental asst. know how do pour models for bleaching trays.?

I work at a dental office and im taking a test next week and i dont know how to pour up the model. i took impressions of my teeth with allginete (or whatever) do i remove that first then pour the model or what im lost please help!!:)

Does anyone who is a dental asst. know how do pour models for bleaching trays.?
The alginate will overdry and distort if you leave it out too long.

Take another impression, pour the stone using the vibrator. You pour it the same way you would pour for any other model. When the stone has set, you will use the vacuum to heat the bleaching tray material and make the trays. Trim off excess tray so it fits just over teeth.

I'm not sure exactly what you needed, so feel free to let me know if this didn't answer your question.

Good luck!

Happy Holidays!
Reply:someone at your office really should show you how to do this but it's easy. Leave the alginate impression in the tray. Mix a little stone powder with water until it's a thick lotion consistancy (flowable but not runny). Vibrate the air bubbles out of the mix. Then put the corner of the tray against the vibrator and slowly pour the stone mix down into the teeth if the impression trying to fill them in with no gaps at the tips of the teeth or air bubbles. Once the teeth are filled in take some more stone powder and mix in enough water to make a sticky "patty" of dough. This will be the base of your model. Put the "patty" on a glass slab and turn the tray over onto it so it sets up as one piece. Don't smoosh it down too much or you'll "lock" the tray into the set stone and you won't be able to take it off to see your beautiful model. Once you do this 5 or 6 times you'll be a pro. Hope that helps, good luck.

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