Monday, November 16, 2009

What to wear for interview today? (Dental Assistant)?

I have a interview today at a dental office for my first job in this field. I would like some ideas from a profession/career orientated women, or anyone in the dental field themselves.

*I was debating should I go in my scrubs or ?????

What to wear for interview today? (Dental Assistant)?
I'm not in the dental field, but I do watch a lot of those style shows on TV. Don't wear scrubs. Wear something that makes you look professional and conscientious - like a nice suit jacket over a nice top and slacks and dress shoes.

The trick is this: wear something you've worn before and are comfortable in. Don't put together something at the last minute that "looks like what you should wear," wear something that makes you feel confident and attractive. Be yourself, and present your professional persona. As a good friend of mine said of interview outfits: "be yourself. Do you know how many people end up with jobs they HATE because they misrepresent themselves at the interview?"

Also, don't wear cologne or perfume.
Reply:No Do NOT go in, in your scrubs, wear a suit or dress clothes, the nicest outfit you can find! Not bar nice and not sunday school but proffesional... ya know? well anyway I would defiately recommend, if you don't have a pinstriped skirt/pant suit, get one. It is very professional and very stunning to just about every figure! plus you can mix and match it with so much. Good luck on your interview. And if you don't have a suit, nice slacks and a dress shirt will work just as well.
Reply:Speaking from the point of view of a nursing manager that used to do millions of interviews:

NEVER wear scrubs to an interview. The only exception would be that you are coming to the interview from another job and did not have time to change, in which case you would have already explained this to your interviewer. Your dress should be professionally casual. Pants are fine, just simple good taste. And don't make the mistake of dressing like you are going out on the town. People look at how you groom and dress yourself at interviews. Meticulous grooming is a must. If you wear your scrubs, your interviewer will think you have nothing better to wear.
Reply:Good luck on your interview. Please leave the scrubs at home. You need to promote yourself as a professional, and also dress like one. Nice pants and a shirt, or skirt would probably be the best option. Dentistry is a great field and best of luck in your new field. People often hire primarily based on your attitude, so make sure you reflect a very positve and "open to new things" attitude.
Reply:go really understated. i would wear a sweater, knee length skirt and comfortable but nice shoes, no heels. it's just for a dental assistant do not over do it. i strongly doubt any dentist wants an intimidating assistant.
Reply:if u go in ure scrubs, i am 100% sure that they will NOT give you the job, you show that u have no idea about cross infection control if you do this, regardless of wether the scrubs are clean or not,

smart trousers and a skirt is always a winner

good luck with the interview, and best of luck in ure possible new career i really enjoy dental nursing...

ps where are u as in the UK u are not allowed to wear scrubs to and from work you would get in serious ****
Reply:wear anything but not scrubs lol
Reply:this is an interview. look sharp. i'm interviewing an assistant today and i'm expecting a good presentation. if you are a slacker you won't get the job.
Reply:Def not scrubs wear something neat and tidy....minimal make up no jewlery. best of luck!!

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