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Do all dental assistants also work as a receptionist at the dental office?

I'm about to start school to become a dental assistant and I would really appreciate some advice about the job! How much is the pay , What all do you do,and do you like it? Do the assistants always have to work the desk ? Thanks! You know you're cool!!

Do all dental assistants also work as a receptionist at the dental office?
I went to school for dental assisting, also. In my class, the teacher touched on a bit of everything from front desk and insurance to impressions and sterilization.

Some offices have assistants who only do sterilization. Some have just a few assistants in the office and they all share everything.

In my small office, we all have a specific titile, but can also help where needed. It's always nice to know a little about everything. It helps when patients ask questions and it makes life easier when a co-worker needs a hand or day off.

I LOVE my job. I worked in the back a while and now I'm the receptionist. I love them both and I hope you will too!

Best wishes!

P.S. Pay depends on area and experience.
Reply:I was a nurse in a busy oral surgery office and we ALL wore the hats of others.

I would often be dealing with insurance just after caring for a patient.

Not all offices are the same but if busy they want you to step up..

But the best part is the receptionist may not jump in the seat to assist.

I think it depends if you are certified but you should make $12-$18 an hour.

I liked it, some days were nuts, long hours but over all it was a good job that lead to others.

Good Luck
Reply:No, not necessarily. It really depends on the individual dental offices. Smaller offices may require it, where larger ones normally have a full time receptionist to handle appointment scheduling and take payments.
Reply:that depends on the office. My dentist answers her own phone, takes payments and schedules appointments. She has a dental assistant, and they both work the front desk. My dentist even called me earlier today to reschedule an appointment. Maybe it's because she comes from Russia and they do things that way, or maybe because it just saves her money. The point is, when you interview for a position, ask what the job entails. Not only does it show that you have interest in working there (which really helps when job hunting), but it also helps you decide whether or not you want to really work there.
Reply:Answering in order:

*Pay is rubbish

*You do everything and anything mostly assisting the dentist and mixing materials.

*No i dont like it

*you do need to work the desk aswell

P.s I only trained as a dental nurse so i could be a hygienist.

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