Monday, November 16, 2009

I just had a bunch of dental work done & maxed out my insurance. A tooth they worked on hurts again. Go back?

I don't have much money to be paying for out of pocket dental expenses, and the tooth ache is kind of minor as to where I can take a couple of Tylenol and it goes away for almost the whole day. It's been this way for about a week... how long would you wait? Or is there something I can tell the dental office where they won't charge me to look at it? I had about $2,000 worth of work done about four months ago, and it's one of the teeth they worked on that is hurting now. Advice?

I just had a bunch of dental work done %26amp; maxed out my insurance. A tooth they worked on hurts again. Go back?
It could be high.The filling sometimes is high,even a hair makes a difference.Just try to close your mouth slowly and see if everything touches at the same time.Feel if your bite is even.If the tooth hurting touches before the others,that means they need to adjust the filling.Defenately give them a call and let them know about it.Sometimes the tooth needs a month or more to calm down.It depends.
Reply:If you cannot afford to go back to the dentist that did the work go to a dental school, they'll work on your tooth for about $40.00. Check in your phone book for a dental school and then call them, the students work on you under the supervision of actual dentist instructors. Good luck, I hope you are OK.
Reply:Yes ..go back they should not charge you but more than likely the filling maybe to high causing an improper bite. This irritates the nerves making it hurt alot. I had this thinking something serious was wrong. They will have you bite down on another piece of carbon paper and file the filling down a bit more for a better bite.
Reply:Most doctors will fix a problem that they caused, but to answer your question successfully I need to know what kind of work you've already had done. Was it cavities, root canals, or crowns? The worst thing that could happen is that the tooth dies and falls out, resulting in bone loss that could cause other teeth to fall out. If the pain requires your attention throughout the day, I'd go back and have it looked at. Dentists are people too and may have options for getting you relief until January when your insurance kicks in again.
Reply:sometimes dentists will redo work if it is not good. I had a filling that was left to low causing me extreme jaw pain and my dentist fixed it. Check with your dentist first to see if he will warranty his work or give you a break. Also some dental schools will do work for smaller fees.
Reply:You may also what to look at this website it will help with cost of dental work.

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