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I need a way to correct the filing system in our dental office, it's horrible.?

I recently started a job as a dental assistant which so far is very taxing but ok. I think the filing system needs to be improved. The first problem is that some of the other assistants seem to be very idle and don't do a very good job at filing and that in itself causes problems when it comes to locating files. My main concern is that when I'm searching for files (and I've only been in the position for 3 days) they can't be found and no one seems to know where else to look for them, all they say is that the files have to be found. The files are not on the shelves, they are not in any of the operatories, they are not in any of the dentists' offces, they are not anywhere in the reception area. I honestly don't know how they operate. I think there needs to be a way to continually track the files which are coming off the shelves until they are returned. I have some ideas but I would like to know what others think about the situation and can suggest. Looking forward to your answers

I need a way to correct the filing system in our dental office, it's horrible.?
Have you got an office manager who you could talk to and explain the problem to them. Better than the other staff seeing you as "the enemy" (seeing as your are the new girl/boy) which they will if you voice your opinions straight to them. Good Luck.
Reply:...first... start with (1) cup of regular grade gasoline..... that will do it... then make sure you've called Microsoft for some new updated filed... after the gasoline... run like hell.....
Reply:You might be ruffling some feathers since you are the new kid on the block. I think you need to have an office meeting to address the problem and let everyone put their input in as to how to fix the problem. If you start trying to change things on your own the others might resent you for it and think you are trying to make them look bad.
Reply:An easy way to track who is taking the files out is to start a list. If someone takes a file out they mark the file name (and number if there is one), date, time and name of person who took it. That way there is no way people can say that they didn't take it and then locating the file becomes their responsibility. When they go to return the file they have to mark that it was either put away or placed in the file bin and the time and date it was returned.

I don't understand a dentists office operating that way.
Reply:One way could be to insert a bookmark-type card into each file folder that has a tab on the end with the patient's name on it. It could be a different colour than the folders so that it stands out. Then, when you remove a folder from its position, take out the tab and insert it where the file was. Then you know which files are out and you know exactly where to put them when you're done with them.
Reply:the way we do it is 1 drawer for current treatment and the rest in alphabetical order the non current,but we are thinking about going numerical order as we have gone to computers, also we have a drawer for prior approvals, ank/dna, and if all else fails we ask the dentist
Reply:I would recommend a numbering system if your computerised??

If not alphabetical system, but hell good luck, as it will take ages!! if nothing is already in place. speak to your practice manager for lack of organisation,
Reply:Thank god my surgery is now totally computerised as we had the same problem and it's a flipping nightmare.

I had a spare draw in my surgery and all the patients who were currently under treatment went in this draw and patients who were having routine check UPS stayed in the main filing cabinet.

I would print off a day list and keep the list in my surgery and get the files out for each day/patient as i needed them, this worked well for me and the receptionist as i was responsible for my files only and if they were mislaid it was down to me and nobody else.

If you have practice meetings why dont you suggest this idea, you should be responsible for the files for your surgery only and the other nurses should do the same, but dont come over to heavy handed or you might end up treading on somebodys toes.

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