Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dental wax used for braces?

Where can I buy the dental was that is used for braces? normally i would get them from the dental office, but i just found out that they are closed for some stupid reason, ALL WEEK LONG. so i am dying with cuts in my mouth because braces keep riping the inside of my mouth and lips... help please, quick! im ready to go buy this stuff BEFORE classs starts! lol

Dental wax used for braces?
You should be able to get some at a local drugstore. whatever is in your area. Call them first because not all have the same selection of Dental products, and some have next to nothing at all. If you can't find it for now, use a canker sore gel to help numb for now until you have time to find what you need. It's a temp solution but it is quick.
Reply:When I had mine, I weened myself off the wax after the first two weeks. The inside of my mouth got used to it after awhile, and I eventually didn't need it anymore.

You may not even need it after a week without it.
Reply:Maybe you can buy some from another orthodontist. If you Google "wax for braces" many sites come up.
Reply:To to walmart or your local drug store and they have it in the dental section.
Reply:so im not sure, but try like a craft store. maybe you'll find somethign there...
Reply:Walmart, Walgreens or CVS sells them.
Reply:Walgreens and walmart or
Reply:You can usually find it at any drugstore like Walgreens or Rite Aid.
Reply:i used to get mine at walmart..
Reply:I am not sure where you live, but Walmart has it in their dental area where the floss is.

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