Monday, November 16, 2009

Dental office workers...couldnt you just scream when a new patient comes to the office without insurance info?

Soooo annoying! They know they are going to need it so why the heck dont they go prepared!!!

Dental office workers...couldnt you just scream when a new patient comes to the office without insurance info?
I wish I wouldve seen this question before I worked in a dr's office and people wouldnt bring there insurance info then we had equipment to look it up and the woulnt even know what company they were insured under stupid people!!! Report It

Reply:Professional dental offices will send you all of the information you need before ever scheduling your appointment. Some people are not so fortunate to have insurance. Don't you have something else more important to complain about???
Reply:People dont get it... they just dont know whats going on in general!
Reply:I suggest you send them a letter or packet of info regarding their first visit or simply tell them when they make their appointment.

It is pretty stupid of them, but there are things you can do to avoid this issue.
Reply:Isn't it your job to accomodate individuals like this? After all, you wouldn't be working there if not for patients. Whenever I go to a drs. office, I expect very friendly service, even if I don't have all of the documents, etc. If you are not in the medical business, then you are not as familiar with what is required. Most offices I visit, require this information over the phone before I arrive anyway. You should stop complaining and thank those that make your job even more necessary.
Reply:They are probably not talking about those kinds of patients but the ones who have insurance, but don't bring info.

The old axiom applies here, "if you don't like it, quit".

I don't like it when I have to chase after people to pay my invoices. Stay on top of it or maybe think of a way to make your job easier by reminding them to bring what they need when you call to remind them that they have an appointment. You do call to remind them the day before don't you?

If not your boss better get his act together.

Or are his patients all walk-ins? (doubtfull in an insurance practice unless you are talking medicaid)
Reply:No...because I don't work in a dental office. ..but I could just scream when the office worker has a nasty attitude like you. I hope you don't have that same attitude with new patients who have no insurance.
Reply:I am sure that its aggrivating for the workers in the office but can you put yourself in their place?

Perhaps they had an off day, perhaps they were in a hurry, or just perhaps they plain out forgot (as I am definately sure you have done in other places that you may have visited be it a retail store for a return or what not).

When in a customer service position, as you are in, that type of attitude only serves to drive customers away and / or complain to the boss.
Reply:I agree with you. I work in a specialty office and all new patients are asked about their insurance on the phone. Probably a good 45% are clueless, could not even tell you the companies name. So they ask you to figure it out, "Can you call my Human Resources dept.?" "Can you call my wife, or my General Dentist?" When you explain politely that you cannot do that because of lack of manpower, time etc. and also because of privacy laws, they get so rude. So you ask them to research it and bring it with them to their appointment, then when they show up they often bring incorrect or old insurance information. There is so much time and therefore money spent on assisting patients with this. I like my job and overall don't mind educating patients about their insurance and even don't really mind making all those phone calls. But what really drives me up a wall is when after having done all that, the patient decides they will not stay for treatment because "it's not a covered benefit" or" they don't have enough insurance benefits left and they would have to pay too much out of pocket", in most of these cases no one ever says "thanks for your trouble" or apologizes for not knowing anything about their insurance. When this happens one to two times a day it is absolutely maddening.

Most patients don't even realize that high prices for Dental treatment are high because they have to pay for the staff that spends hours everyday verifying benefits, processing and reprocessing claims and preparing notes and other attachments for those claims. In a fee for service practice (I wish I worked in one) they have a much lower overhead and both the staff and patients benefit financially.
Reply:I dont have health insurance because I cant afford that. Does that mean I will not be able to receive any treatment at any medical office?

Dude, there're people who only care about money and how good their business are going to earn. You guys should at least go down and help people who are in need.

Some people know quite well about their job that they assume everyone else has to understand clearly like them too. If anyone of you think the same way like that, you should reconsider that. Because theres no such a person called perfect and/or know-it-all.

Without those people, your job are useless and you serve your own. I would never go to one office that considers money, money, and money. They are thieves.

Only if you're treated that type of servce would bring you to the situation!
Reply:I don't scream, I don't yell., it's just part of providing great customer service. Have your office hook up with the internet with fast dsl. As long as you have their DOB, SSN, zip code you can find all their insurance info. in 2 seconds! The only thing that bothers me is when they confirmed and never show up! However, I don't take it personally, it's just a job. Life goes.....
Reply:Maybe customer service isn't the best job for you. Maybe you should work somewhere where you don't have to deal with people. A job is a job and I deal with much worse at mine so suck it up or get a new one!
Reply:a bit of compassion for the less fortunate would be the honourable way to treat them, they are human after all
Reply:Yes, it does of coarse but we are in this profession to help people. If the patient does not have their info u have to call for them to get it for your office need. We have no choice or u can ask them to come back with their info.

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