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What is good to give people after a dental visit?

We just opened up a new dental office

What is good to give people after a dental visit?
If this is a "new dentist" and "new office" it is always a good idea to send out a letter or post card with a little background information on the dentist, his staff and the goals he has for his patients. You can even include a photo of each staff member, their position, and their background or training. This should also include directions, phone numbers, hours of operation and emergency phone number.

Also a "thank you" for visiting, or "welcome" to the practice with the same information and the days and hours the practice is open along with office phone numbers and emergency contact numbers.

The standard packet to include a toothbrush, tooth paste and floss along with a "magnet" with their next appointment date. If you use a magnet, most patients will put this on their refrigerator holding a drawing or something important and are reminded daily, not only of their next appointment, but also of their dentist and his staff.

Or you can use a small calendar with their next appointment date already marked with a sticker. This is a little more expensive and there is no promise that they will even use it, but it is a nice touch.

With this being a new office there are so many things that you can do, but cost may be a consideration so you may need to stay within a budget. A letter may be the least expensive way to express thanks from the practice to new patients. Never forget to take suggestions from your patients, they are what makes a practice work. Good luck with the new office!
Reply:toothpaste and toothbrush
Reply:icecream. i know youre supposed to be fixing and cleaning teeth but icecream is sooo good after dentsist appointments. in my opinion.
Reply:Pens, calendars, coolie cups, bottled water (with your label on it), coupons for local stores, a warm smile and see you soon!

Good luck, hope your business thrives!
Reply:sugar free candy,..and a fresh new toothbrush.(to promote dental hygeine.
Reply:My dentist gives free toothbrushes %26amp; toothpaste out after the first visit. (Colgate toothbrush %26amp; paste)
Reply:Toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss. Make sure they're good brands (like Crest), so people will actually use them!! =] Good luck on your business!!! Congrats!!!
Reply:Call Procter %26amp; Gamble Co. makers of "Crest" toothpaste and other products,they sometimes supply "Smile Kits" as promotional items for dental clinics etc. Good luck with your practice. SW RNP

I am an office manager of a dental office and ive worked here more then 13 yrs and ive been parking in the?

same space for 13yrs now i have this young lady working here for 2 yrs all of the sudden she startes parking in my space noone else paks there even if anyone beats me to the office they still leave my spot alone. so i expressed to her how i dont appreciate her in my spot and she still parked there again !!!! i feel ive earn that spot after being here so long 13 yrs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so then she went and told our boss i was mad at her and he told her to move her vehicle! she said ok and walked out and NEVER came back was i wrong for this or if it were me i would never have parked in my office managers spot i recognize my authority!TALK TO ME!!!!!!!! and what would you have done? was i being petty

I am an office manager of a dental office and ive worked here more then 13 yrs and ive been parking in the?
First, You're not being petty, but realistic. That is the way life is. Rank has it's privileges. Second, it starts with the parking spot, then moves on to something else. The parking spot stealing is not the problem but rather a symptom of some issues the young lady has with something or someone. Last, congratulations for having an employer that looks out for his long term employees. Your employer could of said work it out yourselves and then sat back and watched as the battle raged on.
Reply:i would have told her once, then a second time, then slashed her tires
Reply:one, i kind of agree with you, people should respect senority to a point, but two i find this hilarious. its a parking spot. if they arent assigned, then they are up for grabs.

and i agree with xxx, cause i'm mean like that... slash the tires. hahaha
Reply:No, i absoloutely don't think you were being petty. Sometimes as a person you become territorial, it's totally natural. If she wasn't mature enough to respect the situation, then it's better off you don't have to work with someone like that.
Reply:No, you weren't petty. When I was a server at a restaurant, a jealous girl quit one night because I got a better section.'s a pride issue.

Go out and celebrate - you don't have to work with her anymore!
Reply:Personally, I think you were being immature and petty. If the parking spot was not labeled or assigned, then it was not yours, merely a spot in the parking lot. I can't say I blame someone for not wanting to work for a supervisor who puts such emphasis on something so ridiculous as a parking space. Are you one of those managers who nit-picks the things that don't really make a difference, and completely ignores the things that should be getting addressed? I'd be willing to bet a week's pay that you are. "Respect my authority"? Please! I have had one too many managers like you.

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How much does it COST to get a cavity fixed without dental insurance?

I have a cavity that has been hurting and I am going to get it fixed. I have insurance with AETNA as part of my dad's HMO plan but I don't think it covers dental. How much is the estimate cost to get this cavity fixed---with cost of x-rays, etc.? And, if you live in the San Marcos California area, where would be the best dental office to go in the San Marcos California area?

How much does it COST to get a cavity fixed without dental insurance?
Cost vary from dentist to dentist. If you live near a dental school a lot of time you can get your dental work done there at a reduced rate. I think your parents should make you an appointment to see the dentist and make arrangements for payments with the dentist. Have you spoken with your parents about it yet? If you are still in school talk with your school nurse and she might be able to help with you with where you might get some assistance.
Reply:a lot
Reply:The cost depends on the dentist. I save money with my dental benefits plan where we get discounts when we go to the dentist.

You can even sign up online at
Reply:if you go to this website they have a provider search where you can find a dentist in your area along with a dental plan that is pretty good.

I have bad credit, how can i get dental finacing?

I have to have alot of work new to my dental office, just had a tooth removed that was cheap but what I need done is WAY TO MUCH!! is there anything out there that can help me pay for it?....thanks for your time.

I have bad credit, how can i get dental finacing?
You could put it on your credit card, and then pay for it over several months. Be sure to make the minimum payment to the credit card company, though
Reply:I would go to your bank, tell them your issue.....

I did once for my car problem when had bad credit...they helped me and took out $150 out of my check account for 8 months till paid off...
Reply:Many dental offices offer financing plans from companies. With 1-2 year no interest plans, however w/ bad credit approval is not as likely. Many of the companies will allow a co-signer w/ good credit also. Our office uses Care Credit some use Unicorn, etc.
Reply:That's what discount dental plans are here for.

A good selection below. Make sure you don't go for the

cheapest ones and that you have dentists in your

area that participate.

How can I find a job as a dental assistant graduate.?

I have tried calling, faxing, and going to different dental office's.

How can I find a job as a dental assistant graduate.? is good, and try just googling "dental assistant needed" or "dental assistant wanted" along with your city and state and you might find some obscure job listing website an office has posted at. Also some Dr.'s let dental assisting programs know they need an assistant so check with the program director of the school you just graduated from.

Good luck!
Reply:I use

Thats how I found my job

Click on your state and whatever town is closest to you from the options they give. Then under jobs look in medical and they post everything on there!

You can refine the search at the top of the page under medical and just type in dental and it will list everything dental related!

Also check other local channels are also a big help!

Good Luck hope you find a job!

Does any one know how i can be more exposed to the dental field?

hi every one

im in the middle of getting my my BA, i will then apply to dental school. i was wondering if anyone knew how i could work for a dental office, i really want to gain some experience but i also need to work which doesn't allow me to just volunteer. it seems like ever where i go wants a dental assistant with a license. does anyone have any idea how i could gain some experience?

ps. i can't work too many days out of the week.

thanks guys

Does any one know how i can be more exposed to the dental field?
I don't quite understand the context of your question, but this may help. To find out everything on oral surgery, maxillofacial surgery and dentistry in Australia, go to . This site has great information on dental implants, wisdom teeth removal, oral pathology, post operative care following surgery, and a lot more again. If you want to find out everything from the practical side of surgical dentistry, visit a website that is writen by an oral %26amp; maxillofacial surgeon.

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Does a dental office have to transfer records/xrays?

I recently went to a dentist and after getting an full exam I found out their prices are outrageous. Are they obigated to send my records and xrays to another office if I request them to?

Does a dental office have to transfer records/xrays?
As a general rule, yes. I work at a MD's office and we have requested xrays from dentists and they have sent them to us. Sign a consent with your new dentist and ask for the records to be transferred before your appointment so you don't have to come back for another visit.
Reply:Most dental offices are good about transferring xrays if they are recent. Once xrays are more than two years old the new dentist will usually take new ones himself.
Reply:Hi! Yes, they will send copies, but not the orginals. By law they must keep them for at lest 7 years. However, the copies are just as good and please check around as most dentists are pretty competitive, so what you think is outrageous is a matter of prespective. Check more carefully the next time.M
Reply:Yes! If you have paid for your visit and the xrays then they have to send your xrays to another office. They will not send you a copy of your chart unless you say that you want that as well but they will make a copy of your xrays and send them to you or to the office that you will be seeing. You can always have the other office call for your records so you don't have to deal with it. I have called for records from alot of different offices because the patient did not feel comfortable doing it themselves.

What is the expectd salary of some one who works in a dental front office?

Such as dental scheduling and billing, coding and office procedures

What is the expectd salary of some one who works in a dental front office?
Do a zip code search at or or looking for "dental receptionist."
Reply:The salary/remuneration for a particular job is the market value for a particular profession and designation at the city/town where the office is located. Job postings at websites like Monster, Yahoo HotJobs and Careerbuilder carry information about salaries. The Govt Dept of Labor, ( Bureau of statistics has information about median salaries for different professions and details of additional compensation offered. Other online resources are and payscale. Your salary will also depend on your educational qualification and how you handle your career. More details and links to relevant websites available at
Reply:Depends on where you live.

Should my kids dad chip in for dental work?

In our divorce decree the children are to be covered by fathers insurance. The dental office when I first set up my kids appts. said the bills would have to be sent to him because the insurance is in his name. Well, he is not paying the bills. I pay all the up front fees they ask for because he never takes them to get work done. He says they don't need it because its too expensive but they have severly buck teeth and need braces. He spends lots of money on medical bills etc. for his girlfriend and her kids though. My kids really want the braces but it looks like I will have to find a way to pay up front cost and bills after insurance. The dentist will not continue to see them otherwise. We have a so-called 50-50 arrangement according to the decree but he just isn't doing his part. I don't know if I should just scrape on by or if I should really try to modify custody and residency so I can get help for my kids. Isn't his disregard for their physical well being child neglect and abuse?

Should my kids dad chip in for dental work?
Absolutely! You didn't make your children yourself! He should step up to the plate and stop neglecting his children, especially if he can manage to pay for his girlfriend and her kids. I would definitely take him to court for this. He is not doing what he agreed by law that he would do. Good luck, I'm hoping things will turn out okay for you and your children!
Reply:Hell yeah! Didn't he "chip in" the moment he impregnated you? And Hell, I bet he did it with a big grin on his face! Tell him you want the check while he is wearing that same stupid grin.
Reply:take him to court %26amp; sue him for the money he owes. If he has money for his new wife's kids , he has money for your kids too
Reply:he made the kids, you didn't do it on your own.

You have a Court set agreement for him to pay 50% if he's not holding up his side, take him back to Court. Don't let this jerk get away with his B.S. you didn't bring these kids into the world on your own. Instead of paying for someone else's kids he should be paying for his own.
Reply:Technically it does not fall under abuse/neglect. As their father, he is expected to pay 50% of their uncovered medical expenses, and yes this includes dental. Based on that 50-50 agreement he has to cover it. Unfortunately, sometimes the only way to get it is to pay the money out of your pocket first and sue him for his half after. It can take some time especially now that suing people is so popular. Try contacting human services in your area to see if they have any programs to help. Sorry I couldn't be more help.
Reply:Yes he is responsible for helping with the children's dental work. If he isn't willing to help then you need to fight back. It's not fair to the children or you to have to deal with his negligence. If you can't afford a lawyer, try your local Social Services office and see if they can help you out. Don't give up and don't let him walk away from his responsibilities!
Reply:yes he should chip in on dental work you shouldnt be doin that by yourself its his kids too
Reply:Heck yeah, he chipped in on the sperm didn't he?
Reply:take his *** back to court
Reply:YES, you need to tell their father that they are still his children and neglecting their needs is not very fatherly like of him. I would go to the court(you know you can sue for things like that)and get this setteled.
Reply:I used to be a collector. UNLESS this varies from state to state, when I was a collector 8 years ago, in the case of divorced couples, the spouse informs the creditor (in this case, your dentist office) that they are divorced, and you're immediately "forgiven" of 50% of the bill, and the future collection attempts go to the husband.
Reply:I have had the same problem in the past with my ex-husband. Have you tried talking to the friend of the court? Is it court ordered that he pay half of the bills? If so he's violating a court order and I would talk to an attorney to get this taken care of. In some places there are low cost dental clinics that may be able to help you out in this situation. Who has primary physical custody of the kids? If it's him then it could be considered neglect. Once again I would consult a lawyer. If they are living with you I'm not sure. But again I would consult a lawyer. Good Luck!
Reply:Actually you two divorcing was the beginning of the disregard to the physical well being, neglect and abuse. You have no idea where he spends his money, so back off with the girlfriend/kids comment. It seems like his bills are his bills let the bill collector earn their pay. Next, turn in the cell phones and cable TV and any other money sucking luxury you have and teach your children the difference between wants and needs in life. That should loosen up some money to spend on those crooked teeth, Gee they will only be in braces for 2 years.

If you hire a lawyer it will cost you more than the darn braces in the first place.
Reply:I'd report him to the divorce court and wait for the courts to issue an order for him to come up with his side of the deal. They're his kids too and 50-50 is the correct way to go about it. If he doesn't pay for it, have the court demand payment for and in behalf of the kids. Lets see if he gives the court the same cold shoulder treatment.
Reply:actually if you have a court order for the kids to be on his insurance and he has to pay atleast 50% of the medical bills then you can consult an attorney and get him for contempt of a court order and make him pay any back charges you have had to pay out of pocket on his part. start keeping all reciepts of what you pay for on your children this way if you go to court later on this they can be able to have proof of what they need to divide evenly and assess to him to pay and catch up. by the way it is considered neglect but not abuse. it is another form of neglect but i can't think of the name right now. GET AN ATTORNEY TAKE HIM TO COURT. don't tell him any thing let him find out when he is served papers to appear in court before the judge on such%26amp;such date . then you can sit back and smile . also if he harrasses you after wards about you taking him to court constantly and threatens you , then you can get an order of protection and supervised visitation. then he will really be pissed.

Did my dental office treat me unfairly?

I changed dentist's because my previous one never did any follow-ups. My dentist was referred to me by my sister. I was a new patient with them and felt my time there was very unprofressional. My doctor looked at my teeth after my x-rays and said I needed a filling for one cavity and teeth cleaning. Not a deep tissue cleaning either. I had told him that my teeth bleed during brushing. He had the receptionist come and tell me what my cost would be. Now, my original doctor that I had 2 years ago did the same thing on me and charged me zero. I have really good insurance. And that doctor did a deep tissue cleaning on all 4 quadrants. The new office's receptionist comes in and tells me it will $305! I ask how is that possible when my other doctor did the same thing but more and I didn't pay a dime? She said she didn't know and that's what it'll be. She was standing holding a piece of paper bent and wouldn't sit down and show it to me either. She didn't give me a break down either.

Did my dental office treat me unfairly?
Yea, i think your dental office treated you unfairly and very poorly. They might not be unfair, they might be doing the same thing to other people. Call up your insurance agency or your dental insurance and ask them about your dental insurance. Or research online on what they cover. I have braces but because my father's income was high, i had to pay for my braces. If your families income is low, you would have have medicad that willl cover everything in your dental cost. Also, wait after 6 months and get a new dentist or call the insurance to help you out.
Reply:Ahhh, nothing is "free" in dental land (unless your old dentist was just a nice guy). Maybe you had dental insurance then, which may have covered your services. The only thing that I never have to pay for (and I DO have dental insurance) are the twice a year cleanings and once a year x-rays. Everything else costs!
Reply:You were treated unfairly. My husband has to have the deep tissue cleaning every 3 months. Like you, we have very good insurance. Our insurance pays for a cleaning every 6 months so on his every visit he has to pay $50.00 and that's it. I would call your insurance company to verify whether you should have paid out-of-pocket money for the procedure. This dentist should have given you some type of mouth wash for the bleeding of your gums. Once you get some of your questions answered, I would report him and find a new dentist.
Reply:You weren't treated very well at all. Did they ever ask you if you had a heart murmur? I think they should have explained things better to you and given you some advice about your gums - like change toothbrushes, use a special mouthwash or peroxide or something. They treated you like the procedure was free, not like you paid $300!
Reply:Were you treated unfairly? No, I don't think so. The doctor and staff probably treat everyone the same way. Could the doctor and staff improve their customer relations skills? Absolutely. There is clearly a breakdown in communications here. The doctor should be asking you questions and discuss your dental condition with you. He should ask you if you have any questions. Also, you are entitled to see a cost breakdown for the services. One dentist's fees have nothing to do with another dentist's fees. It's the same as any retail business. e.g. Some restaurants are more/less expensive than others. I think you should ask to speak with the doctor. Be mannerly, be calm, be questioning. You'll get farther. If you don't get anywhere with that approach, find another dentist.
Reply:When you get the deep cleaning (deep scale) you only have one side of your mouth done at a time (left top and bottom, or right top and bottom). Most insurances don't pay very well on this. Your other office probably didn't do a deep scale they probably just did a regular cleaning. I think they should have given you more time since it sounds like you were confused. You should be going back soon to have the other side of your mouth will cost the same price. Good luck!
Reply:They definitely should have explained things better to you. I am the office manager in a dental office and we never do deep cleanings before going over every detail of the procedure and the charges and payment policy of our office. If you have insurance they should pay 50 to 80 percent of the deep cleaning. You should check your insurance policy also. Some dentist participate with an insurance company which means your cost is very little to none and others don't which means your cost would be higher. The should have explained things more thoroughly to you.

Anyway, Yes maybe you should seek another dental office that is a little more people friendly.

Good luck!

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What temporary bonding can be used for a dental bridge that came off.?

My husband's dental bridge came off and are out of state. He called his dental office and said to use TempCem which is a temporary cement. He can't find it in any drugstore. Tried denture adhesive and that doesn't stick very well. Everytime he eats his bridge comes off again.

What temporary bonding can be used for a dental bridge that came off.?
Let's not forget that perhaps some of the tooth under the bridge may have broken off and that is why the bridge came off. If this is the case no amount of temporary or even permanent dental cement will keep the bridge in place. Your husband needs to get into a dental office and have the bridge looked at.
Reply:Try a WalMart or another drug store. Temporary cement is the best thing for the job.
Reply:temp cement is best. dont use superglue!!!!!
Reply:Over-the-counter Temporary Cement will work the best, but remember, the inside of the bridge should be cleaned out as best as you can and the teeth should be as dry as possible. If it is too wet, then the cement will not hold well. I know that you have tried Denture Adhesive as well, you can even try toothpaste! Use the paste type not the gel type. If none of that works, see if you can be seen by a local dentist to have it temporarily recemented! As the person before me said, no matter what...Don't Resort To Superglue!

Hope this helps!

I am taking Penn Foster online course for Dental Assistant has anyone taking Penn Foster courses?

I am currently working for a dental office and I am interested in becoming a dental assistant but because I have 5 children and a busy life I choose Penn Foster because it allows me to study at my own paste. I am just concerned that it will not be recognized as a accredited program and future employers may not accept it. Please help.

I am taking Penn Foster online course for Dental Assistant has anyone taking Penn Foster courses?
This site should answer your questions
Reply:Don't worry it is. It's actually accredited by the same people who accredite?? the universities. I'm not saying it's exactly the same but I finished and got a job immediately no problems, no funny looks etc. Good luck. Report It

Good place to find a job as a dental receptionist?

I am going to be starting school for Dental Assisting on Feb 1st, I want to get a job at a dental office before then....I have looked in the paper, is there any other way to do it??

I'm in Kansas City

Good place to find a job as a dental receptionist?
You could try job sites like Hotjobs, Simply Hired, Indeed and Craigslist. You can find more information at
Reply:Try online searches. Like

Good luck!!
Reply:I'll send U some sites to get started with.

This is the tip of it all. You can refine your search on google by typing in dental receptionest. But this will get U started. Good luck %26amp; I hope this helps U.
Reply:You should submit your resume to leading jobsite like, Also you should consult local placement consultant in your area. In the meantime, look out for an option to work online. Although it wont pay you like full time job but you can make extra cash in your spare time. I am a part time worker doing work online at home, so I would like to share a link where you can make $600-$1500 in a month working at home. The work need to be done is posting/answering a discussion and uploading any photo/image of your interest. For details visit

I will publish few more genuine site in couple of weeks, where you can earn money. You may also write to me at (Note: When u are planning for a home based online work, be careful because most of them are scam and ask you to pay initial money. never pay money to any such site.)

I am taking Penn Foster online course for Dental Assistant has anyone taking Penn Foster courses?

I am currently working for a dental office and I am interested in becoming a dental assistant but because I have 5 children and a busy life I choose Penn Foster because it allows me to study at my own paste. I am just concerned that it will not be recognized as a accredited program and future employers may not accept it. Please help.

I am taking Penn Foster online course for Dental Assistant has anyone taking Penn Foster courses?
Well bless you for raising 5 kids! I actually, however, wouldn't take any course from an 'online school' such as penn foster or stratford career institute as most employers don't view them as reputable in addition to dental assistants needing a certain amount of clinical, hands-on experience since there is so much manual dexterity (fine motor/hand coordination) and short-term memory skills involved (sometimes the dentist will give oral instructions).

Here is the website for the American Dental Association to try to find accredited programs in your area: and can click 'oral health' then 'careers in dentistry' and then 'dental team careers'. Perhaps you can find a program thru the local community college or county vo-tech school. Wishing you the best of luck!

P.S. I'm not so sure that penn foster is accredited with the american dental association, however, and that may be key in having credibility or marketability as a dental assistant. Perhaps you can ask the dentist that you work for along with contacting other dental offices, and find out if they recognize the program as having a reliable curriculum.
Reply:Thank you all for you great answers I wanted to give everyone a rating but the system only allowed me to comment on one answer, if you are taking the Dental Assistant Course through Penn Foster let me know it would be great to have a study buddy online. Good Luck. Report It

Reply:Well I am taking the Pharmacy Technician course at PennFoster as well. I'm going really well and I'm enjoying it. I don't think it's that easy like people say or think. I'm pretty sure that after you graduate you will have to take the Boards test to be licensed. Generally employers will be happy that you passed the Board, that proves that you learned something, right? Also many employers are kind enough to train and help you once you are starting. I wish you all the success and please don't give up on your course! If you are able to manage your personal life taking this course, by all means finish it!
Reply:I was asking the same question as you till I did some research.....Penn Foster is a accreditied school, and is listed on the U.S. Department of Education Database of Accredited Postsecondary Institutions and Programs, heres the webpage

( ) Ive already looked it up. Its also accredited by the Middle States Commission on Secondary Schools.

Oh and once you pass Penn fosters exam, you work in a dentist office getting your hands on experience, then you can take the real certification test for your state.

Im going to enroll in dental assistant classes tomorrow.


Does anyone who is a dental asst. know how do pour models for bleaching trays.?

I work at a dental office and im taking a test next week and i dont know how to pour up the model. i took impressions of my teeth with allginete (or whatever) do i remove that first then pour the model or what im lost please help!!:)

Does anyone who is a dental asst. know how do pour models for bleaching trays.?
The alginate will overdry and distort if you leave it out too long.

Take another impression, pour the stone using the vibrator. You pour it the same way you would pour for any other model. When the stone has set, you will use the vacuum to heat the bleaching tray material and make the trays. Trim off excess tray so it fits just over teeth.

I'm not sure exactly what you needed, so feel free to let me know if this didn't answer your question.

Good luck!

Happy Holidays!
Reply:someone at your office really should show you how to do this but it's easy. Leave the alginate impression in the tray. Mix a little stone powder with water until it's a thick lotion consistancy (flowable but not runny). Vibrate the air bubbles out of the mix. Then put the corner of the tray against the vibrator and slowly pour the stone mix down into the teeth if the impression trying to fill them in with no gaps at the tips of the teeth or air bubbles. Once the teeth are filled in take some more stone powder and mix in enough water to make a sticky "patty" of dough. This will be the base of your model. Put the "patty" on a glass slab and turn the tray over onto it so it sets up as one piece. Don't smoosh it down too much or you'll "lock" the tray into the set stone and you won't be able to take it off to see your beautiful model. Once you do this 5 or 6 times you'll be a pro. Hope that helps, good luck.

Dental office workers...couldnt you just scream when a new patient comes to the office without insurance info?

Soooo annoying! They know they are going to need it so why the heck dont they go prepared!!!

Dental office workers...couldnt you just scream when a new patient comes to the office without insurance info?
I wish I wouldve seen this question before I worked in a dr's office and people wouldnt bring there insurance info then we had equipment to look it up and the woulnt even know what company they were insured under stupid people!!! Report It

Reply:Professional dental offices will send you all of the information you need before ever scheduling your appointment. Some people are not so fortunate to have insurance. Don't you have something else more important to complain about???
Reply:People dont get it... they just dont know whats going on in general!
Reply:I suggest you send them a letter or packet of info regarding their first visit or simply tell them when they make their appointment.

It is pretty stupid of them, but there are things you can do to avoid this issue.
Reply:Isn't it your job to accomodate individuals like this? After all, you wouldn't be working there if not for patients. Whenever I go to a drs. office, I expect very friendly service, even if I don't have all of the documents, etc. If you are not in the medical business, then you are not as familiar with what is required. Most offices I visit, require this information over the phone before I arrive anyway. You should stop complaining and thank those that make your job even more necessary.
Reply:They are probably not talking about those kinds of patients but the ones who have insurance, but don't bring info.

The old axiom applies here, "if you don't like it, quit".

I don't like it when I have to chase after people to pay my invoices. Stay on top of it or maybe think of a way to make your job easier by reminding them to bring what they need when you call to remind them that they have an appointment. You do call to remind them the day before don't you?

If not your boss better get his act together.

Or are his patients all walk-ins? (doubtfull in an insurance practice unless you are talking medicaid)
Reply:No...because I don't work in a dental office. ..but I could just scream when the office worker has a nasty attitude like you. I hope you don't have that same attitude with new patients who have no insurance.
Reply:I am sure that its aggrivating for the workers in the office but can you put yourself in their place?

Perhaps they had an off day, perhaps they were in a hurry, or just perhaps they plain out forgot (as I am definately sure you have done in other places that you may have visited be it a retail store for a return or what not).

When in a customer service position, as you are in, that type of attitude only serves to drive customers away and / or complain to the boss.
Reply:I agree with you. I work in a specialty office and all new patients are asked about their insurance on the phone. Probably a good 45% are clueless, could not even tell you the companies name. So they ask you to figure it out, "Can you call my Human Resources dept.?" "Can you call my wife, or my General Dentist?" When you explain politely that you cannot do that because of lack of manpower, time etc. and also because of privacy laws, they get so rude. So you ask them to research it and bring it with them to their appointment, then when they show up they often bring incorrect or old insurance information. There is so much time and therefore money spent on assisting patients with this. I like my job and overall don't mind educating patients about their insurance and even don't really mind making all those phone calls. But what really drives me up a wall is when after having done all that, the patient decides they will not stay for treatment because "it's not a covered benefit" or" they don't have enough insurance benefits left and they would have to pay too much out of pocket", in most of these cases no one ever says "thanks for your trouble" or apologizes for not knowing anything about their insurance. When this happens one to two times a day it is absolutely maddening.

Most patients don't even realize that high prices for Dental treatment are high because they have to pay for the staff that spends hours everyday verifying benefits, processing and reprocessing claims and preparing notes and other attachments for those claims. In a fee for service practice (I wish I worked in one) they have a much lower overhead and both the staff and patients benefit financially.
Reply:I dont have health insurance because I cant afford that. Does that mean I will not be able to receive any treatment at any medical office?

Dude, there're people who only care about money and how good their business are going to earn. You guys should at least go down and help people who are in need.

Some people know quite well about their job that they assume everyone else has to understand clearly like them too. If anyone of you think the same way like that, you should reconsider that. Because theres no such a person called perfect and/or know-it-all.

Without those people, your job are useless and you serve your own. I would never go to one office that considers money, money, and money. They are thieves.

Only if you're treated that type of servce would bring you to the situation!
Reply:I don't scream, I don't yell., it's just part of providing great customer service. Have your office hook up with the internet with fast dsl. As long as you have their DOB, SSN, zip code you can find all their insurance info. in 2 seconds! The only thing that bothers me is when they confirmed and never show up! However, I don't take it personally, it's just a job. Life goes.....
Reply:Maybe customer service isn't the best job for you. Maybe you should work somewhere where you don't have to deal with people. A job is a job and I deal with much worse at mine so suck it up or get a new one!
Reply:a bit of compassion for the less fortunate would be the honourable way to treat them, they are human after all
Reply:Yes, it does of coarse but we are in this profession to help people. If the patient does not have their info u have to call for them to get it for your office need. We have no choice or u can ask them to come back with their info.

Dentist when to ask about cost of dental procedure?

If i am planning on visiting a this dental office for the first time, when would it be appropriate to ask about the cost of the procedure? I have a dental plan. Should i call and set up an appointment and ask about the cost at that time? or Should I wait until my appointment to ask about the costs in person?

Dentist when to ask about cost of dental procedure?
i just went to the dentist today for the first time in a while. he needed to take xrays and pictures to make a assessment on what i needed done. made my next appointment b4 i left and i will get prices when i go back. so i think he needs to do all that stuff b4 he can give you a quote.but if its something simple i think you can call and ask.
Reply:i would have the consult and determine what the treatment plan is and at that point, they can give you an itemized estimate and even better, send in a pre-treatment estimate to your insurance to get a more accurate out of pocket amount for you.
Reply:WRT cost: The receptionist should be comfortable giving you the prices. Here's a price comparison of common dental procedures:

Does anyone know anything bad about Ocean Dental?

I know it's a dental office for kids ages 3-20 who receive Medicaid/Title 19. The enviornment is "kid friendly", plasma screen TV's above all the dental chairs. I guess I'm wondering why my dentist looked like he was about 24 years old, and why EVERYONE that worked there said they are new to the area or aren't from here. I liked my experience, but I'm just trying to make sure it's not too good to be true.

Does anyone know anything bad about Ocean Dental?
You can go and look up your dentist and checked if they have anything against them. You can put whatever state you live in and check the medical board of dentists in that state.

Good Luck!

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Anything about "virtual dental visit room"?

i have Msc in medical informatics and interested for making "virtual dental office" .thanks

Anything about "virtual dental visit room"?
how is that going to clean my teeth? what's the point?

To become a dental assistant?

I have a background that has not be pardaned for yet, can i still work in a dental office?

To become a dental assistant?
In addition to the first answer, I want to also add that it will depend on what the 'background' issue is... if it's for any form of child abuse, or harm to another person, your chances may be slim... If it was for petty theft or the like, there may be a problem there, too... same with drugs.

Overall: No matter what, be upfront and honest at your interview... if you really want to work as a DA, a door will open for you somewhere.

Good luck to you.

Reply:Usually, yes if you can get someone to hire you. Although, when it comes to dental assistant license it depends on what the dental board says.
Reply:I'm currently a student in dental assisting. The school I'm going to does background checks and finger printing for every health care field. I know that in the state that I live in won't even allow you to take any of the boards if you have a bad background check. You may need to check with the state where you reside and see what the laws are there.

I need a grant for my dental school training .I'm a single mother.?

Dental office traning , need grant of $6,500.00 to go to dental school

I need a grant for my dental school training .I'm a single mother.?
You need to talk to your finacial aid adviser at your school of choice. There are federal loans and something called a PAL grant. I am also a single mother and am currently on a loan of $12,000 a year plus I get $500 back every three months. This is combination loan and the PAL grant. So I will have a huge debt, your right about a grant being the way to go. Talk to your school, they should be happy to help.
Reply:Check out

I have an extreme case of dental phobia, is there any way they can remove a tooth while I'm asleep?

My dental phobia is very severe, and have not been in the dental office in very long because of the panic attacks it gives me. I have a very decayed tooth which must be removed asap, but I would need to be asleep before they start putting needles in my mouth, would this be a possible option? I heard before that I would then have to go to the hospital to get it done, can a doctor remove a tooth? (They tried before, and used a pain killer and the laughing gas, but I still had a panic attack and could not get it done. )

I have an extreme case of dental phobia, is there any way they can remove a tooth while I'm asleep?
Yes they can and will put you to sleep if you explain your fears. Dentists are more compassionate than the one in days of old. If you suffer panic attacks etc. they will accommodate you. Just remember, there is always a risk with anesthesia and they will try to talk you out of it, but if it scares you that much, they will put you to sleep. They did for my husband. You won't have to go to the hospital, they did my husband's right in the office. They won't use Nitrous oxide gas on you if it didn't work last time, You will have to see a dental surgeon in his office and just make sure someone will be able to take you home. I've been through all of this with my husband so I know this first hand. Good luck, Don't let anyone tease you about this. Phobias are real and the doctors know this. So, seek out an oral surgeon to do the job because and ordinary dentist is not licensed to give anesthesia. Good luck
Reply:you can go to the hospital and have your tooth removed there and they should be able to knock you out for the procedure. my girlfriend had this done, but for different reasons
Reply:You can be given gas which will knock you out, and by the time you wake up the procedure will have finished.

Talk to you dentist and tell him this is what you want done. Iwould imagine you will have to go the hospital to have the tooth removed, but it will be a dentist that sees to you.

Good luck
Reply:Absolutely they can. If your willing to pay for the anesthesia or if your insurance picks it up? They sure can. I'm the same way and had to be put to sleep while they removed my wisdom teeth. Call your dentist and explain your worries and let them put your mind at ease. That's what they are there for. If they tell you they can't and it only takes a minute to pull it? Move on to another dentist that will take your feelings in to consideration. They are out there. Don't give up. Good luck.... :o)
Reply:You can go to the hospital to get it done but it is very costly and can be ten times more than if were on local anesthetic and getting your tooth pulled out sitting on the chair.

My dentist explained to me that the extra fees are:

- hospital room

- his fees

- his travel fees

If you have insurance that cover both hospital and dental cover, then it shouldn't be a problem for you.
Reply:first things first. call your insurance! . There are limitations and guidelines with General Anesthesia. A lot of insurances will not cover it for one surgical extraction. also, Fear and Anxiety is usually not a covered expense either.

The insurance company will tell you that you will need to have a medical necessity...mental retardation,spastic disease, up to the age of 7 yrs old, or due to the extent of the procedure.

You should have it pre-approved or go forth with the procedure and then file an appeal.

As far as WHERE..a Dental surgeon can do this and they will have an anesthesiologist in the office or have one come. Contact your insurane for a listing or go on your carrier's website for the directory.

hope this helps.

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What to wear for interview today? (Dental Assistant)?

I have a interview today at a dental office for my first job in this field. I would like some ideas from a profession/career orientated women, or anyone in the dental field themselves.

*I was debating should I go in my scrubs or ?????

What to wear for interview today? (Dental Assistant)?
I'm not in the dental field, but I do watch a lot of those style shows on TV. Don't wear scrubs. Wear something that makes you look professional and conscientious - like a nice suit jacket over a nice top and slacks and dress shoes.

The trick is this: wear something you've worn before and are comfortable in. Don't put together something at the last minute that "looks like what you should wear," wear something that makes you feel confident and attractive. Be yourself, and present your professional persona. As a good friend of mine said of interview outfits: "be yourself. Do you know how many people end up with jobs they HATE because they misrepresent themselves at the interview?"

Also, don't wear cologne or perfume.
Reply:No Do NOT go in, in your scrubs, wear a suit or dress clothes, the nicest outfit you can find! Not bar nice and not sunday school but proffesional... ya know? well anyway I would defiately recommend, if you don't have a pinstriped skirt/pant suit, get one. It is very professional and very stunning to just about every figure! plus you can mix and match it with so much. Good luck on your interview. And if you don't have a suit, nice slacks and a dress shirt will work just as well.
Reply:Speaking from the point of view of a nursing manager that used to do millions of interviews:

NEVER wear scrubs to an interview. The only exception would be that you are coming to the interview from another job and did not have time to change, in which case you would have already explained this to your interviewer. Your dress should be professionally casual. Pants are fine, just simple good taste. And don't make the mistake of dressing like you are going out on the town. People look at how you groom and dress yourself at interviews. Meticulous grooming is a must. If you wear your scrubs, your interviewer will think you have nothing better to wear.
Reply:Good luck on your interview. Please leave the scrubs at home. You need to promote yourself as a professional, and also dress like one. Nice pants and a shirt, or skirt would probably be the best option. Dentistry is a great field and best of luck in your new field. People often hire primarily based on your attitude, so make sure you reflect a very positve and "open to new things" attitude.
Reply:go really understated. i would wear a sweater, knee length skirt and comfortable but nice shoes, no heels. it's just for a dental assistant do not over do it. i strongly doubt any dentist wants an intimidating assistant.
Reply:if u go in ure scrubs, i am 100% sure that they will NOT give you the job, you show that u have no idea about cross infection control if you do this, regardless of wether the scrubs are clean or not,

smart trousers and a skirt is always a winner

good luck with the interview, and best of luck in ure possible new career i really enjoy dental nursing...

ps where are u as in the UK u are not allowed to wear scrubs to and from work you would get in serious ****
Reply:wear anything but not scrubs lol
Reply:this is an interview. look sharp. i'm interviewing an assistant today and i'm expecting a good presentation. if you are a slacker you won't get the job.
Reply:Def not scrubs wear something neat and tidy....minimal make up no jewlery. best of luck!!

Who owns my dental x-rays in state of California?

I need to change dentists. My previous dental office says there is a charge of $25. to copy the x-rays, and that they are required by law to keep the originals with my records. Is this correct?

Who owns my dental x-rays in state of California?
In most states dental records are required to be kept by the doctor who saw the patient. Dental records are used for identification and are needed to be kept on file. Therefore they must be copied. The dentist can charge you extra for the copies if they are released to you. You can request that the dentist give send or fax the material to your new dentist and they are not supposed to charge for this, however some will try. If they are released to you they have the right to charge.
Reply:The safest thing to do with your medical/ dental records, inc. x-rays and reports, is to keep them with you at all times. You never know when an emergency arises and you need your medical history at your fingertips. Film XPress puts your entire medical history on disc. for info Report It

Reply:you do
Reply:Under Federal Law*, your dentist must supply you with *copies* of your records. A moderate duplication fee may be charged. $25 sounds a little high, but it depends on how many x-rays you are asking for. Only get the most recent: Bitewings are good for one year, a Full Mouth Series - 5 years.

Do you owe this dentist money? Charging for x-rays is one way dentists can try to collect an unpaid balance.

Yes, they must keep originals for 7 to 10 years. They are liable for work they have done, as well as identifying your body if you explode some day.

*The Federal Law applies to any dentist who is a HIPAA "covered entity", that is - if the office transmits any information electronically.
Reply:In my state, the dentist owns the records. You paid for the VISIT to create the records (including x-rays) and you are entitled to a COPY of the records, but the dentist can charge a fair fee for this service.

Does anyone know anything about Community Dental Care in Bixby, OK?

I need to have my teeth cleaned and some work done, but, I have very sensitive gums..Does anyone know about the dentists and hygienists at Community Dental Care? I'm new to Bixby, and this dental office is close to where I work. Any help would be appreciated. I also heard they were open very early, so, that's a plus for me. Thanks.

Does anyone know anything about Community Dental Care in Bixby, OK?
I hav enever heard anything bad about them and I live in Tulsa.
Reply:They are open early in the morning-- how bout stopping on the way to the job and asking what the program is about---ok

Expanded duties for dental assistant?

I work for a dental office and my assistant needs to get qualified for her expanded duties. What should I do?

Who do i need to go through

Expanded duties for dental assistant?
This is not a "special education" question. It belongs in "higher education" or in the medical -- dental sub-category.

Yellow Teeth

I just had a bunch of dental work done & maxed out my insurance. A tooth they worked on hurts again. Go back?

I don't have much money to be paying for out of pocket dental expenses, and the tooth ache is kind of minor as to where I can take a couple of Tylenol and it goes away for almost the whole day. It's been this way for about a week... how long would you wait? Or is there something I can tell the dental office where they won't charge me to look at it? I had about $2,000 worth of work done about four months ago, and it's one of the teeth they worked on that is hurting now. Advice?

I just had a bunch of dental work done %26amp; maxed out my insurance. A tooth they worked on hurts again. Go back?
It could be high.The filling sometimes is high,even a hair makes a difference.Just try to close your mouth slowly and see if everything touches at the same time.Feel if your bite is even.If the tooth hurting touches before the others,that means they need to adjust the filling.Defenately give them a call and let them know about it.Sometimes the tooth needs a month or more to calm down.It depends.
Reply:If you cannot afford to go back to the dentist that did the work go to a dental school, they'll work on your tooth for about $40.00. Check in your phone book for a dental school and then call them, the students work on you under the supervision of actual dentist instructors. Good luck, I hope you are OK.
Reply:Yes ..go back they should not charge you but more than likely the filling maybe to high causing an improper bite. This irritates the nerves making it hurt alot. I had this thinking something serious was wrong. They will have you bite down on another piece of carbon paper and file the filling down a bit more for a better bite.
Reply:Most doctors will fix a problem that they caused, but to answer your question successfully I need to know what kind of work you've already had done. Was it cavities, root canals, or crowns? The worst thing that could happen is that the tooth dies and falls out, resulting in bone loss that could cause other teeth to fall out. If the pain requires your attention throughout the day, I'd go back and have it looked at. Dentists are people too and may have options for getting you relief until January when your insurance kicks in again.
Reply:sometimes dentists will redo work if it is not good. I had a filling that was left to low causing me extreme jaw pain and my dentist fixed it. Check with your dentist first to see if he will warranty his work or give you a break. Also some dental schools will do work for smaller fees.
Reply:You may also what to look at this website it will help with cost of dental work.

Are there any Dental Hygiensts out there?

I'm 15 and only in high school but I've had my mind set on working in a dental office for quite some I was wondering if there is anyone out there who can tell me what to study and what its like to be one...please

Are there any Dental Hygiensts out there?
I'm a Dental Hygienist. I love my work.

Study all the science and biology you can. Any anatomy classes you can take also and Chemistry, Microbiology, and basic algebra.

And my best advice to you would be over the summer get a memory improvement book or tape and learn the best way to memorize. I did this and cut my study time in half and I got a 96% on my national board exam!

E-mail me with any more questions

Reply:Why not go talk to your high school guidance counseler.
Reply:wait, wait, wait! why stop at hygiene? why don't you go for it and become a dentist? you'll make 5 times as much money and you'll have way more flexibility. yes it's a little more school but the benefits are amazing. you should focus on science and math and make sure to make good grades.

trust me, i've been out of dental school for 3 years now and my life is unbelievable.






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I need to find new patient for my Dental Hygiene practice in Cypress College. it is 50-60% off regular price!?

It is a Dental Hygiene Program that provides services for people who don't have Dental Insurance. Regular price in Dental office is $80-200 but in Cypress College it is only $40 and $25 for people over 55 years old. The visit includes complete oral inspection, calculus removal, check for oral cancer, fluoride treatment, and polishing. Also you get free toothbrush, floss and toothpaste - get instructions in oral self care. Please let me know if anyone interested.

Thank you Katerina

I need to find new patient for my Dental Hygiene practice in Cypress College. it is 50-60% off regular price!?
Try your local Seniors Centers - seniors have the time for long appointments - many have nice perio conditions that you will be looking for and some have partial dentures so you don't have to cope with full dentition!

Where can i advertise a dental technician lab?

so i have this small business and its going pretty slow. i am trying get a few more accounts from other dental places but im not sure where to look.

is there a site or something where i can leave my information so that if a dental office was looking for a lab to make their procerlain, gold, lab post, etc. they might come across it and give me a call.

i looked through monster but the way they are set up is for you to hire employees and i dont need anymore. just need more accounts.

Where can i advertise a dental technician lab?

How much (dental) radiation do u need to have before it starts 2 affect u?

i work in a pediatric dental office %26amp; i have been getting in the habit of holding the film in the children's mouths with no pesonal pertection to get my picture.

i'm 19

How much (dental) radiation do u need to have before it starts 2 affect u?
Allme, I wouldn't do that... I can understand the need to hold films in place to avoid retakes in children, but you have to be worried about your own future children. Consider wearing one of those vest jacket things made for patients getting a panoramic x-ray if you MUST continue this practice.

In the olden days, doctors actually got cancer on their hands from hand holding films. I'm not sure if this is still a problem as film speeds have improved greatly.

At a MINIMUM, please try to use the highest speed film available, such as Kodak Insight or get your doc to buy a digital set-up.


One dental x-ray exposes the patient (and one would presume anyone who is in the room holding the film) to about 0.01 mSV or a little less. The average radition exposure from background sources in the US is about 3.0 mSV. So, one film doesn't seem like that much on top of what we get anyhow. In epidemiological studies of humans, no actual increase in cancer incidence has ever been found in groups of humans who have received EDs below 100 mSv. Since radiation accumulates, it is monitored over quarterly periods. 100 mSV would be 10,000 films. It is unlikely that any dental practice would ever reach those levels.

However... If you are doing this, I would HIGHLY recommend subscribing to a dosimetry service. If your boss is making you do this, insist upon it. I used a dosimetry service for about 2 years until we got a new x-ray machine in the office. My state requires an inspection from an independent radiation physicist to certify new units for operation. The inspector, a Ph.D. in radiation physics, asked if we ever got a reading on the dosimetry badge. I said that we had not. He said that he had been "in the business" for some ungodly long time (which I have forgotten) and he never saw a dental office that really needed to monitor.

So, I am going to partially retract my answer and add this information. Having said ALL THAT, I will confess that I personally hold 2 or 3 films per week when I am taking an endo length film for the same reason that you do. It's a waste of time if you have to retake the film. I'm 55 years old, though.

I will stick my my suggestion that YOU wear some protection if you are doing this more than once or twice a day.
Reply:about 20 thousand
Reply:The radiation used for dental purposes is in such small doses, I wouldn't really worry about it.
Reply:by putting a lead apron on will help you but you should be standing at least 6 feet away to be fully proctected i would advise you to wear a dosemeter to monitor the radiation that passes on to you. but the radiation is very little, by wearing a dosemeter it will tell you if you are being exposed to too much radiation.
Reply:It takes 10 seconds to toss on an apron. Just do it.
Reply:there is very little exposure and having the xray equipment regularly checked is important.

Emergancy Dental Care?

I now am sure i got a abcessed tooth now (Since last week atleast) i still have swelling no pain cause it moved form my tooth into my jaw its been swollen for a week and i called the dental office they say i have to wait til Monday to set up an emergancey appointment for tuesday its now saturday at 1:41am how can i get this delt with (i also have no insurance or money right now) i got this indigestion feelin right now can i be i serious trouble if i wait til tuesday like they said?

Emergancy Dental Care?
Go to an afterhours or weekend medical clinic, or the ER. They can give you antibiotics, which is what you need anyways. If you have an abcessed tooth, it would be doubtful they would be able to do any treatment on it, whether it be a rootcanal or extraction, anyways. The antibiotics need to be in your system for a few days first.
Reply:If you are feeling really bad, like there might be something wrong, go to the ER. I know you might feel stupid, but it's better than doing nothing.

I had a toothache a few weeks ago, and I couldn't eat or sleep, so I went to the ER and they gave me antibiotics and pain pills.
Reply:Contact your local dental society and request the names of dentists and surgeons that provide free, low cost and sliding scale fee services for patients. If you don't know, contact the American Dental Association. They will advise you how to contact your local society. Most states have a dental society. Many counties and cities have them as well. You may be able to locate this info on your search engine.

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Which personnel in the dental in WI can handle narcotics?

In a dental office can a dental assistant have access to the narctics to be used for I.V. sedation pts?

Which personnel in the dental in WI can handle narcotics?
Reply:Only dentists have access to distribute narcotics. Dental assistants have no legal rights to handle narcotics.

I look for ladies dental clinic?

I am dentist. feminine gender. now 37years old. I will consider that

I want to have ladies dental clinic. about2years after. paintiant is lady(women) only! so I look for that`s dental office.

I want to information all of the world.

please research!!and answer

I look for ladies dental clinic?
you can't discriminate against males or females in the US and therefore there are no female only dental clinics.

Some dental advice about whitening! PLEASE!?

So its a big deal the whole teeth whitening thing! And well im a big coffee drinker! and i smoke socially! And well they arent YELLOW YELLOW! they are just starting to look stained from all the starbucks. So please help me. i know everyone says "Crest whitening strips" but when i used it, it didnt whiten the bottom of my didnt completely work for me. So are there any secrets without having to pay 400 bucks at the dental office!

Some dental advice about whitening! PLEASE!?
Arm N' Hammer toothpaste. It has baking soda, very good for whitening teeth , and doesn't damage. ALSO. Cut down on the coffe, if you're looking for a fix of caffeine, then try Tea. Some tea's have loads more caffeine than coffee.
Reply:You should definitely try the whitining technic with the lights. The Dentist uses a light to whiten teeth and they become whiter after they do so. I've tried it before and it works! :)
Reply:go to a dental office and make bleaching trays and use those to hold your whitestrips in place and brush with hydrogen peroxide
Reply:Stains from coffee and smoking can usually be removed from a dental cleaning. Whittening agents are not designed to remove these types of stains as a general rule. They are designed to lighten the general color of the teeth. They work great for yellowing due to aging. If You have had a recent professional cleaning, try the tooth pastes designed for smokers, they have more abrasives.
Reply:I think your best bet would be to do the Zoom bleaching. You

can get really white teeth in one hr. And yes its true...crest strips dont work very well.
Reply:Well dint drink the tea tea will stain worse than coffee I can remove coffee stains easier than tea when I clean teeth here are some tips for you QVC has these pens called Brite Smile Love them you can you them anywhere anytime and they taste good just dint eat or drink anything for 1/2 hr after you do this if you really need to what I do all the time with all my drinks I drink everything through a straw so my teeth stay white I also use Listerine pre rinse swish for 1 min a its foamy and whitens nice too the nice thing with the pens you can use them when you want in the car click your pen and go my whole family is using them and get your teeth cleaned on a regular 6 month basis I go 3 months but I am in the field so the perks and I like the feeling of cleaned teeth so this should work Good Luck
Reply:I'm not too sure abt it. However, there are many ways to whiten your teeth.

Here are many ways that you can whitening your teeth!

For home remedies.

Mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to form toothpaste. Brush the teeth regularly with this paste. It will remove all stains in a month.

Use bicarbonate of soda 5 minutes before brushing the teeth with normal toothpaste in the morning. This is a good home remedy for teeth whitening.

Rubbing the bark of walnut tree on the teeth helps in removing all stains from the teeth.

Strawberries are considered natural teeth whiteners. Rubbing the teeth with strawberries daily will remove all the stains.

If you would like a suggestion on tooth whitening gel, here's something for you!

Crest Night Effects Whitening Gel (about $18.00) allows you to remove stains while you sleep. The tooth whitening system has a fresh, wintergreen flavor. After fourteen days of sleeping with this product on your teeth, you will wake up to a vibrant smile. You should see results in two days, although there are reports of tooth whitening results in one night

More on

Any Free or Cheap Dental Care?

i've heard that these training schools have people come in to get some practice. i have a low income and cant afford to go to an actual dental office. the prices are just too high for me to afford and i heard that they charge either free or reduced dental work. we are IN PHILADELPHIA,PA. area. please helpme :(

Any Free or Cheap Dental Care?
hey i am also from philadephia and am also looking for free or cheap dental care! if u know please please pleasssse message me!

i looked around and heard from people that Temple Univerisyt school of dentistry has students fix your teeth for cheap. also i found that ccp does it too. here is some info i have not tried yet but i will call tomorrow.

The dental clinic is located on the Main Campus at 1700 Spring Garden Street. Hours, by appointment, vary during the week. Call 215-751-8626 for more information.

if you search temple dental patient information you can find more info or call (215) 707-2938.

i hope that helps and if it works out for you let me know !
Reply:Your local dentists should have that info they'd be willing to share with you, even though you're not giving them your business. They all want people to have healthy teeth %26amp; happy smiles. :D
Reply:I'm not from phily but where I'm from yes u need to get ahold of collages or schools in your area and the can tell you of any programs..
Reply:call 1-800-929-8344 Ref #246314 they will coer you for your cosmetics and fillings and dental procedures.when ou enrolled ask for free cellphone and free minutes.

good luck
Reply:Contact the American Dental Association and inquire about the dental society in your area. They will provide you with a listing of dentists that provide free and sliding scale services. I am sure that dental schools will be on that list as well.

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How to quite my dental assistant job?

Well I work at a community dental office and hate it. and now one of the dentist open his private office and he doesn't want them to know I'm goin 2 work 4 him how should I quite? Please help

How to quite my dental assistant job?
Quite in teh most porfissentional way posibile.
Reply:put in your 2 weeks, and if they ask why tell them its personal.
Reply:Give a 2 weeks notice and then quit.
Reply:I would show up to work with a dead hamster super glued to the back of each hand. Struggle to put your gloves on over it and then try to work in the patient's mouth all the while you are smacking them in the face with the dead hamsters. should get you out of there pretty quickly.
Reply:Just give your notice and if they ask why you are leaving tell them you have a better offer.

You don't have to give a reason to quit especially if it is not a job you want to return too.
Reply:You needn't tell them where you are going. All you have to do is give your two-week notice. They will ask, of course, but you can tell them you don't wish to answer. I would suggest making sure the dentist actually opens his office before taking this step. Sometimes things go wrong at the last moment, such as with the landlord, and that could leave you without a job.
Reply:Just give them your two weeks notice and say that you have been offered a position that is more suited to you. You dont have to tell them where you are going and be sure you leave with good feelings in case you need them for a reference. People leave jobs all the time. As long as you give them enough notice to find a replacement, there will be no hard feelings.
Reply:Old school knows. ARE you SURE it's a valid deal, to the new place?? MAKE SURE!! IF it is, simply give your 2 week's notice. CYA. Cover your 'Bottom.' MAKE double sure!! It's a leap!
Reply:Give your notice and leave it at that.

Unless the new office is on the other side of the planet, the people in the office you work in now will find out about your new job eventually.

Why the secrecy? Are you ashamed? If your new job was with a different dentist, would you be so secretive?

Don't burn any bridges when you leave... you never know what the future has in store for you......

How do i get into Dental Hygiene school?

i've heard that you need to pull straight "A"s and work in a dental office in order to have a better chance at getting into dental school, especially in Arizona. Are all dental hygiene schools this competative and have a 2 year wait? What else should i do to increase my chances of getting in?

How do i get into Dental Hygiene school?
no , u dont have to work in a dental office at all...

just take the entrance exam and you should be okay.
Reply:just try to enroll....

Does anyone know that you can visit dental colleges for cheaper dental work?

Please visit the website and search for dental colleges near you. I am so surprised to see so many people on yahoo asking about cheaper dental work. Students need patients and the service is much cheaper than a private dental office!

Does anyone know that you can visit dental colleges for cheaper dental work?
Not only dental colleges, but for routine things like tooth cleanings can be done at a local community college that is offering a dental hygienists program. They are supervised students whom like the dentists need to get to work with patients in a monitored setting. Same thing with the costs, they are cheaper then the regular dentists, but you will usually have to wait to get in.
Reply:One of my best friends is a fourth year dental student. Another one of my friends goes to her dental school to get her teeth done for super cheap. It's been really great for both of them. If I didn't have dental insurance, that is what I would do. Their profs are always there making sure everything is being done properly so its not bad at all!
Reply:yep I had me brian sugry at da podiatrician,. it wer almost free n knowbody cun tell
Reply:Sure it IS cheaper, but done at a MUCH slower pace. Can you afford to loose that much time?
Reply:I would get my hair cut by a student but get my teeth fixed by one? No way! I can always grow my hair back!!
Reply:You can rest assured that work done at a dental school will be quality work. The students working on you will already have spent a few years studying and practicing procedures on mannikins and extracted teeth. There will be multiple experienced doctors checking and guiding the students at every step of the way.

The big hurdle is that it takes a LOT of time. I can't stress this enough... a LOT of time. An exam and a few fillings that could be done in a one hour visit at a private office may take 6 hours or more at a dental school. A crown that would cost $1000 and take 1.5 hours at a dental office may only cost $300 at a school but take 8 hours or more of your time spread over a few appointments. I think my longest case was something like 25, 3-4 hour visits for some crowns and partial dentures. Fantastic lady - I really got to know her well after being with her for almost 100 hours! LOL

Most of my patients in dental school were retired or had very flexible work schedules. I really appreciated the time they gave up to be in my chair and I was always sure to give my 100% best. Many of the retired people enjoyed coming to see me. We had lots of time to just talk and chat while waiting for the attending doctor to come check steps during the procedure.

Again, you don't need to worry about the quality of the work at a dental school, you just need to be sure that you can devote that much time to fixing your teeth.

Dental xrays and switching dentist?

I visited a new dentist for a second opinion. I decided to switch to this dentist but the doctor requested I have the last dental office send over the xrays from two years ago (which was the last time I went). I find it strange that the new doctor would want old xrays. The doctor said it was so that I would only need to take 4 instead of 6 xrays or something like that.

Is it to save my time from taking more xrays? Isn't two years kinda of old? Is the new doctor trying bill the insurance company for xrays not taken?

Dental xrays and switching dentist?
Also, adding to the previous answer from the dentist himself :)

If you had a full mouth series of x-rays taken within 2 years, your insurance (granted that it hasn't changed) may not pay for another set. The FMX is usually good for 3 years. The new dentist will probably take bitewings (4 films) and combined with the previous x-rays be able to see what he needs to. It sounds like a normal procedure to me!
Reply:You're probably due for new x-rays anyway, but x-rays from 2 years ago would be a good frame of reference for anything that may be going on now.

I'd say they aren't necessarily mandatory, but could be helpful to the new dentist.

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How can I add my exwife's insurance to her acct. for our kids dental, in addition, to my dental ins. in use?

She uses my dental coverage as primary. She doesn't use hers, but I know it is effective. She maybe filing without my knowledge and pocketing the extra I pay due to the lack of her using it as a secondary through the dental office. I believe she is paying then submitting the bill to her insurance on her own for reimbursement. For example, if my insur. covers a 3rd of the cost, we have been splitting the remainer with me sending her my share of the bill. Whereas, if she has her insur. too, she submits the bill for her 3rd it would cover too. So, how do I find out for sure if she is filing claims or have it added to her dental account for our kids? Thanks and BTW I am not a deadbeat dad. I think she has been scamming me like this for a long time and I have just naively sent her checks for the medical and dental bills. Things have gone smooth for her until I decided to mail the money directly to the dental office and then they started calling because I had overpaid. So now what do I do?

How can I add my exwife's insurance to her acct. for our kids dental, in addition, to my dental ins. in use?
Talk to an insurance agent. They usually don't charge for consultation. And your policies with have specific limitations.
Reply:I think you could call your insurance company and have a read out on all the copay and bills have it sent to you in the mail. I would than tell them you are taking her off your insurance. Than I would also go to See If there are any other bills your ex wife is sticking you with. Your kids are one thing but your ex wife needs to take care of herself. If you have any problems or concerns that your ex wife is scamming you, you can also file a report at and tell your side of the story. No one likes to get ripped off. Its not only for businesses its also to file bad people.

Dental help here: RE: temp crowns?

i have a temporary crown in and it has dislodged a few three or four times. i went and bought fixers at local stores and they don't seem to work. the dental office doesn't open until monday and i'm worried that a: i might swallow it in my sleep, b: if i leave it open to air and don't worrow about the temp cap - crown - being on, then it might be painful or sensitive to liquids or air; c: some sort of infection will start to mosey on in; or d: i might cause more damage to the post if i keep messin around up in there trying to temp cement fix it. any advice would help. thanks.

Dental help here: RE: temp crowns?
A couple of things...

Try recementing it with toothpaste (dry out the crown first and dry the tooth)

Try recementing it with Fixodent (same thing dry the tooth and the crown first before applying)

Both will only keep the crown in very temporarily.

In most cases it is okay to go without out the temporary crown for a day or two, not long term. (eat/drink on the other side if possible)

If the tooth is sensitive and you just can't keep that temporary in place, call your dentist, he should understand and get you in over the weekend.
Reply:Since you said, "Post," I will venture a guess that this tooth has had a root canal treatment done. If this is true, you will not have any sensitivity at all if you leave the crown off. You are not at any risk for decay starting in the next 24-48 hours. Your dentist would be much happier if you just leave the temp off of your tooth and go in on Monday to have it recemented than if you try to put it back and end up swallowing it.

Just try not to chew there until the temp is back in place.

Dental Hygienists- What are your work hours like? Are you required to do "over time" like most corporate

companies expect of their employees? Or are you pretty much done when the dental office closes?

Dental Hygienists- What are your work hours like? Are you required to do "over time" like most corporate
dhs can work any hours, or days they choose. some work a day in one office, one in another, three in the next. it's flexible. most dds are flexible with dh as they generate $ for the dds. it's a great career. Yes, the dh is usually home before anyone else in the office. go for it.
Reply:Your done when the office closes, except for an occasional staff meeting. Where I worked that was once a month. We were open late 2 nights per wk to schedule in those patients who could not leave work or school early. Then we closed early one day. Everyone in the office worked a 40 hour work week, then we were DONE!


Just had dental implants done on teeth 7/8 in May.?

Can anyone in the dental field help. I just had my implants teeth put in on teeth 7/8 in May. I had the surgery in January for the bone graft and finished the teeth in May. When the dentist put the teeth in, the next day I had pain all across my upper mouth, it hurt to the touch on the other teeth and hurt to bite on that side for about 2 weeks. Now, the area feels like my gums are still healing and pulling or something. Every now and then I get a pinch feeling and tooth #6 feels likes it's sensitive to hot/cold at times, but there's no pain in it. The gums hurt whenever I eat and the area on the implants are sensitive to food at times too. For a while, I was able to eat OK and bite into soft foods, but now the gums are sensitive. What is causing this and should I be concerned? Teeth 9/10 were implanted last year and I don't remember going through this. They had a bit of discomfort for a while but nothing like teeth 7/8. I feel like I live at the dental office anymore. Help.

Just had dental implants done on teeth 7/8 in May.?
It definitely sounds like you have trapped something that shouldn't be there. Something very small can cause a big problem. I bet your dentist can fix it very easily and you will be comfortable. He is going to have to check out #6 also. But I bet it is a result of the same little thing. Now that your contours are more normal it is harder to get something in the wrong place.
Reply:For what implants and bone grafting costs, I would call your DDS or surgeon that did the implants ASAP. I worked for an oral surgeon for 9 yrs and never had a patient experience anything like you are describing.

Good luck!!
Reply:Call and speak to the dentist office. Tell them of your complaint. They should redo you for free because you had already paid for what you had done, but it probably wasn't done right or needs to be redone. I work in an office similar to this and seen and talked to people who had problems like this and they came back and the doctor did it for free. I know it sucks to keep going back and fourth to the office, but if you don't get it fixed asap, the problem will persist and eventually get worst.
Reply:Call the dentist that did the implant surgery. By now you should not be experiencing any pain.

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Does a dental vaccine really exist?

I saw a sign at a dental office I drove by the other day advertising dental vaccine.

Does a dental vaccine really exist?
Ummm that's a new one!!
Reply:A dental vaccine to treat what?
Reply:what is a dental vaccine?. when u find out let me know.

Aspen Dental- Scam?

I am 29 and I had to get a full upper denture, it has been nothing less than a painful experience. To start, they were all nice when I went in and came up with a treatment plan, went over the insurance coverage and even gave me a 5% discount for paying my portion ($1,680.00) in advance. It seemed great, until the day of the extractions. I got a lady who did not speak english to well, spend 4 hours in the chair getting teeth pulled. She numbed me only to walk away for about 20 mins and then started working, even after I told her I wasnt numb anymore. After 4 hours of gripping the chair and the assistant urging her to give me more numbing shots, I looked like I went 25 rounds with a boxer. Now I get a bill stating I owe another 1,200.00 that no one can explain. My EOB from the INS says they owe me 1,000, however in the true "Aspen Shuffle" as I now dub it, I get a new answer and new person each time I call, just like their dentists. They run more of a dental farm than dental office.

Aspen Dental- Scam?
I would call the office and get a ledger from them which would show all the services (charges) and all your payments and the insurance payments. Then I would compare the EOBs you have received from your insurance company to their bill. The easiest way to do this is by date of service. So total the charge for each date of service, then subtract out your payment, your insurance payment, and any contract adjustments. (If your dentist is contracted with your insurance company they can only charge the allowable,PDP,Contract allowance,or UCR fee- the difference between their fee and the contracted fee is a write off and you are not responsible to pay it.) After you do your calculations if all the services have been paid for and there is a credit the office owes you, then I would contact them with that information. Due to the "Aspen Shuffle" you may not get very far, this is when I would contact your insurance company, they can then do a 3-way call with you and their billing department to get your bill all worked out.

If your insurance denied something or did not pay as estimated then you could still have a balance, but after doing the math you will know for sure.

It sounds very frustrating, I hope that helps and good luck!
Reply:I can understand where you are coming from! I went to Allcare Dental and Dentures, and had almost the same kind of experience! They are one in the same, and I wouldn't recommend them to anyone!!!

And I think what it is, they are trying to sell product. They told me that I needed to pull all my top teeth, and get an upper denture, and pull several teeth, and get a lower partial. I didn't feel comfortable with taht, so I went to another dentist. I do not need a partial on the bottom, and I only need a partial, not a full denture on top!


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