Saturday, November 14, 2009

Are dental schools taking patients ?

I'm curious if dental schools take patients, where I could fix my teeth at a lower cost than at a regular dental office? I was wonderin about loyola, uic etc

Are dental schools taking patients ?
Yes. Especially ones that have recieved a roundhouse kick from Chuck Norris!
Reply:Yes, most dental schools have clinics where you can go in and have dental work done by a dental student (who is supervised by faculty) for cheaper than a regular dentist, and they usually take insurance or will assist you in filing a claim.

UIC specifically ( has a clinic with many specialties including oral surgery, a temporomandibular joint clinic, endodontics, periodontics, etc. They have a screening clinic (where you go first to be seen and make an appointment), a regular clinic (after you have an appointment) and an urgent care clinic.

Loyola ( also has many departments including oral surgery and orthodontics.

In my experience, the waits at university dental clinics can be long at times, so be prepared. However, the work that was done for me was much cheaper and was the same quality that a regular dentist would do. Also, I found that in general, I got along with the dentists great since they were so eager to help and practice their skills, which made me more comfortable with being at the dentist's. Another good thing about being at a university clinic is that they are aware of the newest research (and are often the ones completing it!), so your care is always the most up to date possible.

Hope this helps!

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