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First Dental Exam for Toddler?

My daughter turns 3 really soon. I've been checking out different dental offices. All of the pediatric offices that I've called basically say that "It is a privilege for the parent to be in the room with the child and we will make a decision on a case by case basis as to weather or not the parent will be allowed in the room" They seem to think that the child does better without the parent in the room.

If you ask me, it's a privilege I'm allowing the Dentist to touch my daughters mouth and it's a privilege the dentist gets my money.

What does everyone else think about this?

First Dental Exam for Toddler?
You are absolutely right and don't let anyone change your mind!! Some children do respond better when Mom is not there but in my opinion it is mom's call on that and not a stranger. If they will not change their policy for you to be with your child then take your child somewhere else!! Not only can the dentist be a scary place for a child but you also have to wonder why they wont let you back with your child! What is it that they do not want you to see? We only have 2 pediatric dentist in my area 1 allows parents back and they other does not. I recently met the one who does not allow parents back in a casual setting and he joked about how sometimes you have to do children the same as dogs to get them to open their mouths... just stick your finger in their mouth and pry it open from the back. I couldn't imagine having my child treated that way!! If you can not find a pediatric dentist that you like you can also check with a family dentist. They can be just as good and sometimes better. If you do not feel comfortable with the dentist by no means should you bring your daughter to them. Be firm and tell them you will be going back with her and if they refuse just leave, plain and simple! She is you child and it is your job to protect her.
Reply:i agree..i think its bs that the parents cant be in the mom wanted me to take my daughter to the dentist right after she turned 1 and i found out that i couldnt go in with i said f that..if i cant be in there with her then shes not at least waiting until she can talk better and understand whats going on to send her in by herself..that way if anything inappropriate goes on she can tell me
Reply:I have a 2 1/2 year old and I plan to find a dentist that allows me to be in the room with her. This can be a traumatizing experience for a 3 year old, they don't know what's going on, if it's going to hurt, and it would be scary to be 3 and have some stranger opening my mouth and poking around. I would definetly find a place where you're allowed to be in th room.
Reply:the dentist office i take my son to always lets me in the room he went if the first time for a happy visit is what they called it just to show him the chair and see how he would handle the noise the tools make and he did very well i was also in the room for his cleaning and his first filling once he is old enoguh to tell me mom i dont want you in the room is when i will stay out i would not take my child to a dental office or doctor that i wasnt allowed in the room i would keep checking around to find a dentist that specilizes in children good lcuk
Reply:I was a dental assistant before I stayed at home with my kids and that sounds ridiculous. Some kids do better without the parents in the room but if you are not comfortable with that then they should let you be in there, no questions asked. Most kids at 3 will only let the dentist look and not touch anyway. Maybe ask your dentist if they will give her a ride in their chair and have a quick look. That's what my office did for first time kids at that age. Good Luck and good job for trying. So many parents don't seem to make the dentist a priority.
Reply:I'm with you. I personally wouldn't let me daughter be taken away into a room out of my sight but that's me. There's a ped dentist in my area who lets the parents come back and even has a "practice room" where the kids can get in a chair and "pretend' to have their teeth checked and cleaned first to get them used to it. That's where I'll be going. Having said all that, I wouldn't deny my daughter dental care either. Ugh. I guess I'd just keep checking around, even in neighboring towns. Heck, you only go to the dentist a couple of times a year. It might be worth a longer drive to get one you like and trust. Good Luck.
Reply:That's the reason I haven't had my daughter seen by a dentist. We made an appointment and went, and the dental assistant told me I couldn't stay in the room with my daughter. I said "Excuse me? What do you mean?" She said that children are more anxious when their parents are in the room. I said "Well, I'm not having someone I don't know have access to ANY part of my daughter, if I'm not allowed in there, then you can forget my business!" All the places in town were like this when I called and asked. No way am I letting anyone touch her without my supervision!
Reply:They can not tell you you cant be in the room. The child is under the age of consent so a parent must be present.

I would think the child would freak if you left. I would keep looking for a better dentist.

Good luck
Reply:im a dental assistant in nashua nh.I have a 9 year old daughter and i STILL go into the room with her if she wants me.if the dentist wont allow the parent to accompany such a young child it doesnt sound like they are very understanding or kid-friendly!find someone who will do it your way...You are right you are paying!
Reply:I was able to take my 3 year old into her regular check up. Unfortunately, she had tooth decay and I had to take her to a pediatric dental specialist. When she was having the work done at the specialist I was not allowed to go in, which did make me feel uneasy at first. But when I saw what a good job they did with her to make sure she DIDNT become traumatized and to make her comfortable I felt much better. If you go to a pediatric dentist they generally have 2 more years of schooling/training specialized in working with small children. I would recommend having them give you and your child a tour to become more familiar with the process.

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