Monday, November 16, 2009

Does anyone know that you can visit dental colleges for cheaper dental work?

Please visit the website and search for dental colleges near you. I am so surprised to see so many people on yahoo asking about cheaper dental work. Students need patients and the service is much cheaper than a private dental office!

Does anyone know that you can visit dental colleges for cheaper dental work?
Not only dental colleges, but for routine things like tooth cleanings can be done at a local community college that is offering a dental hygienists program. They are supervised students whom like the dentists need to get to work with patients in a monitored setting. Same thing with the costs, they are cheaper then the regular dentists, but you will usually have to wait to get in.
Reply:One of my best friends is a fourth year dental student. Another one of my friends goes to her dental school to get her teeth done for super cheap. It's been really great for both of them. If I didn't have dental insurance, that is what I would do. Their profs are always there making sure everything is being done properly so its not bad at all!
Reply:yep I had me brian sugry at da podiatrician,. it wer almost free n knowbody cun tell
Reply:Sure it IS cheaper, but done at a MUCH slower pace. Can you afford to loose that much time?
Reply:I would get my hair cut by a student but get my teeth fixed by one? No way! I can always grow my hair back!!
Reply:You can rest assured that work done at a dental school will be quality work. The students working on you will already have spent a few years studying and practicing procedures on mannikins and extracted teeth. There will be multiple experienced doctors checking and guiding the students at every step of the way.

The big hurdle is that it takes a LOT of time. I can't stress this enough... a LOT of time. An exam and a few fillings that could be done in a one hour visit at a private office may take 6 hours or more at a dental school. A crown that would cost $1000 and take 1.5 hours at a dental office may only cost $300 at a school but take 8 hours or more of your time spread over a few appointments. I think my longest case was something like 25, 3-4 hour visits for some crowns and partial dentures. Fantastic lady - I really got to know her well after being with her for almost 100 hours! LOL

Most of my patients in dental school were retired or had very flexible work schedules. I really appreciated the time they gave up to be in my chair and I was always sure to give my 100% best. Many of the retired people enjoyed coming to see me. We had lots of time to just talk and chat while waiting for the attending doctor to come check steps during the procedure.

Again, you don't need to worry about the quality of the work at a dental school, you just need to be sure that you can devote that much time to fixing your teeth.

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