Saturday, November 14, 2009

For everyone in the Dental Field.. Please help!!! Please!!!?

I'm interested in becoming a dental hygienist. I have experience in a dental office, mostly front desk though. The dental hygiene course nearest to my house at pasadena city college has like a million prerequisites, so its going to take me 2-3 semesters before I could get into the dental hygiene program!!! So heres my question: if i go to a D.A. School, and get my RDA, would it be easier for me to get into a dental hygiene school? And if so, in what way? And for all of you who really know, what is the fastest way to do this, and what is your advice? I thank you in advance for your help, I really need it!!!!!

For everyone in the Dental Field.. Please help!!! Please!!!?
sorry i am an IT grad...
Reply:The only advantage to going through a CDA program first would be wider exposure/experience in the dental field, which may or may not count for much when applying to an RDH program.

If you have your heart set in becoming an RDH, just bear with it and finish the prereqs and apply. That's the fastest route.

Hope this helps!
Reply:Don't waist time and money on DA or RDA.2-3 semester is no big deal compare to 9 months of DA school,which will leave you nice 17 thousand dollar loan to pay.Then there is pain in the rear end RDA exam.Another 500-700 dollars there.I would suggest to just start dental hygiene course.
Reply:There is no fast track to doing what you need to get into hygiene school. The reason there are a "million" prerequisites is that most of the schools are crowded and they can afford to only admit the top students.

This is a career that can earn you a generous income for many years. Think of the time you spend now as an investment in your future. If you go in with the attitude of having to rush through it, you may not make it throught. The courses are difficult and require a great deal of dedication.

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