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I need a way to correct the filing system in our dental office, it's horrible.?

I recently started a job as a dental assistant which so far is very taxing but ok. I think the filing system needs to be improved. The first problem is that some of the other assistants seem to be very idle and don't do a very good job at filing and that in itself causes problems when it comes to locating files. My main concern is that when I'm searching for files (and I've only been in the position for 3 days) they can't be found and no one seems to know where else to look for them, all they say is that the files have to be found. The files are not on the shelves, they are not in any of the operatories, they are not in any of the dentists' offces, they are not anywhere in the reception area. I honestly don't know how they operate. I think there needs to be a way to continually track the files which are coming off the shelves until they are returned. I have some ideas but I would like to know what others think about the situation and can suggest. Looking forward to your answers

I need a way to correct the filing system in our dental office, it's horrible.?
Wouldn't a computer help you with all the filing. You could use Microsoft Access or some other database software. Just create a form that can be printed with all the info. and historial records of a particular customer. That way, you don't have files that are being lost or misplaced.

Whenever a doctor does some work on the patient, you could update the records; it's much easier than doing it by hand.

I'm doing this for my own company and I works great. Hope this helps.
Reply:You must work at my surgery cause they always in a muddle too. They keep wadges of paper in cabinets. Why dont they invest in a computer system

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