Saturday, November 14, 2009

Are dental schools a good place for extracions?

I have a bad tooth ache, and maybe a abcess, I am curently out of work and am looking into going to the west valley (glendale) dental school in arizona to get it pulled or posibly filled depending on the cost/availability is it a good idea? and how much might it cost, my father recently had a tooth pulled, no insurance or anything and the regualr dental office charged 350$ I just cant afford that right now, but I cant live with the pain anymore either.

Are dental schools a good place for extracions?
Yes it will be ok as there will be an oral surgeon there in case of a problem that the student can't handle!! Doc W
Reply:I don't know....the idea of having a dentist "in training" pulling a tooth would scare ME. But then, they are the freshest-trained, and are up on the latest techniques.

Good Luck!

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