Monday, November 16, 2009

How to quite my dental assistant job?

Well I work at a community dental office and hate it. and now one of the dentist open his private office and he doesn't want them to know I'm goin 2 work 4 him how should I quite? Please help

How to quite my dental assistant job?
Quite in teh most porfissentional way posibile.
Reply:put in your 2 weeks, and if they ask why tell them its personal.
Reply:Give a 2 weeks notice and then quit.
Reply:I would show up to work with a dead hamster super glued to the back of each hand. Struggle to put your gloves on over it and then try to work in the patient's mouth all the while you are smacking them in the face with the dead hamsters. should get you out of there pretty quickly.
Reply:Just give your notice and if they ask why you are leaving tell them you have a better offer.

You don't have to give a reason to quit especially if it is not a job you want to return too.
Reply:You needn't tell them where you are going. All you have to do is give your two-week notice. They will ask, of course, but you can tell them you don't wish to answer. I would suggest making sure the dentist actually opens his office before taking this step. Sometimes things go wrong at the last moment, such as with the landlord, and that could leave you without a job.
Reply:Just give them your two weeks notice and say that you have been offered a position that is more suited to you. You dont have to tell them where you are going and be sure you leave with good feelings in case you need them for a reference. People leave jobs all the time. As long as you give them enough notice to find a replacement, there will be no hard feelings.
Reply:Old school knows. ARE you SURE it's a valid deal, to the new place?? MAKE SURE!! IF it is, simply give your 2 week's notice. CYA. Cover your 'Bottom.' MAKE double sure!! It's a leap!
Reply:Give your notice and leave it at that.

Unless the new office is on the other side of the planet, the people in the office you work in now will find out about your new job eventually.

Why the secrecy? Are you ashamed? If your new job was with a different dentist, would you be so secretive?

Don't burn any bridges when you leave... you never know what the future has in store for you......

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