Saturday, November 14, 2009

Why are parents blaming dentists for their childrens dental problems?

A few days ago I posted a question asking why so many parents are neglecting their childrens teeth. After reading the last answer from a woman who I obviously offended, I felt compelled to respond on the behalf of all dental professionals from dentists down to assistants. We are not all money hungry. Dental supplies are expensive as well as the overhead costs in a dental office. You want everything sterile dont you???? You want well trained staff??? Well this is not free!! Dentists have bills to pay, including salaries.Dental assistants and hygientist deserve to be paid well for their knowledge of the field.So yes, we expect to be paid up front for dental services If we dont, some people will have the work done and never finish paying for it.There are dental financing programs out there.(Care Credit).Stop making excuses for your kids decay.Some are caused by health problems, but I can tell you one thing for sure, none were caused by your dentist!!! Sugar and sugar alone causes decay!

Why are parents blaming dentists for their childrens dental problems?
Its not so much the dentists fault as it is the parents....What I mean by this is that as parents, we have to make sure our children brush their teeth regularly, watch their sugar intake and take them to visit the dentist as they are supposed to. If we neglect our childrens teeth, we have to ask ourselves,--what else are we neglecting??
Reply:Punk Princess, get a grip. StarGazer, thank you, very well put and so true! Report It

Reply:Thanks for this- do you feel better now that you have had a spotlight to vent in??????????

I for one have NEVER blamed my children's teeth issues on their dentist.
Reply:I thought it was plaque that causes decay? well I guess that show how much I know about dentistry.
Reply:As a mother of 2 I totally agree with you , Im constantly telling them dont chew on that, get it out of your mouth, dont eat that before bed. I do as much as I can and I am always saying brush your teeth, they see me brush mine all the time. BUT I cannot afford the dentist even though i work full time and pay for ins. LUCKILY for me I do get state help with medical card THank God!@
Reply:Yes the children teeth must be care very well because it will infrluence their success in the future. No sugar or brush his/her teeth after sugar or after meal.
Reply:I dont think it's neglect as much as it is mis education my children have had cavities and my two year old is currently awaiting sedation to fix his teeth(got damn sippy cup)who would have thunk ,I dont have candy in the house but all the juices they sell are worse than candy I never knew ,I thought juice was healthier for them so it's now water,water,water, I also never knew that small children should floss or be flosse I'm a very cautious mom and belive me when I took them for there 6 month check up I felt like a monster for there teeth not being as healthly as I thought (cavaties in between teeth never saw them)...I now am so freaking scared of my son's work(getting sedated and all) and cant wait for it to be over ...But I have to comend my dentist for the education lesson he gave me on my children teeth for the future. You see as a child I never once went to a dentist so this was all new to me and I only had one cavity at 30years old,with all the other stuff parents are taught I belive a dental hygeine class is one that would benefit us all not to metion save us a butt load of money and emotional distress watching our kids have work done at an early age....Thank You for bringing this very important subject out in the open....

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