Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hypnosis for dentist (dental) phobia?

Has anyone ever gotten hypnosis to help deal with a phobia of going to the dentist? I had a very bad experience when I was young, the dentist yelled at me and my mother, and it has stuck with me forever, and now I fear dental offices. If you have had this work for you please let me know your experience!! Thanks!

Hypnosis for dentist (dental) phobia?
That is good that you are looking for ways to deal with your phobia. I agree with Dr. Harry...there are cheaper, easier ways to deal with hypnosis (though an elective class was taught at our dental school). Best thing to do would be to discuss this with your dentist on your first appointment. Try to find a dentist who is sympathetic to your situation. There are a lot of very good dentists out there. They can offer nitrous or other things to help you. Take care.

(btw, at the hypnosis class, one of my classmates volunteered to have the instructor put a needle through skin on his hand while under hypnosis. Afterward, he said it didn't help a bit...that he could feel the whole thing. Needless to say, I am not convinced that hypnosis is hugely helpful...)
Reply:Try acupuncture... some of my patients have and it worked!

Reply:Use the nitrous %26amp; you will be fine!! Hypnosis cost would be prohibitive as it takes a lot of time %26amp; does not work on every one. I use to use both. Dr walker
Reply:ask your dentist for low strength valium, to be taken prior to having work done
Reply:hypnosis can be very helpful with this and other types of phobias; check in your area for certified hypnotherapists and good luck!

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